I am strong! Well…kinda. 😉

Good Saturday morning! I am feeling internally strong this morning. Up at 5am, laundry over to hang on the line today and loving my morning ☕️.

I say I am strong and then “kinda” because I am internally strong but externally not quite so. hello-Flabby! Tuesday is one month after my surgery. I haven’t done much working out at all with the restrictions I’m on. I did walk on my treadmill and did do some 5lb weight exercises, just ones I sit down for and am not pulling on the stomach area. Did some calf raises also. I am happy I was able to do even those. The 5lb weights just started about a week ago. Tuesday I can start jogging again and keep going with light weights. 2 more weeks and then I can fully workout. I’m excited I’m over half way there! I haven’t gained any weight over the last month but definitely lost muscle. But hey-I’ll get that back just as soon as I can! 💯%

So that’s my update. Not really much of one. I’m excited Tuesday I can jog ( then hopefully run ) again and do light weights and more exercises! Then in 2 weeks I’m freeeeeee of restrictions!

Can’t wait!! Morning mental zen and exercise took over my daily drinking. I did think about it during this past month. “Hell if I can’t workout, just screw it all until I can again.” That was one of my thoughts. You know that all or Nothing bullshit mindset. I fought it though and so glad I did! I like to remind anyone that reads this I’m not fully sober. I may get there someday though. For right now I do drink on occasion but it’s not even close to daily and it’s not controlling me.

I’m super freaking excited to get back to shape and that’s what my mind is on now. 💪🦈

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8 Responses to I am strong! Well…kinda. 😉

  1. Lovie Price says:

    great to hear you are recuperating and starting back on the workouts. I just started back last week with my coach after a 3 month haitus ( financially not possible with all the cabin expense). I admit i got lazy during that period. i went to the gym but didnt push myself. I have gotten a bit flabby too. I am almost 130lbs again . BUT, one thing that was defeating me mentally was the hormone thing and i finally got that all straightened out ( another expense but so far am loving the estrogen patch) . Now that my sleep is improving , my hope is that all my hard work wont go to waste fighting the hormonal stuff… good luck and keep up that motivation mindset!Hugs!

    • Oooo the estrogen patch is really helping? I’m all over the board and my periods are as well. I know this is a factor for sure. So awesome you just started with a coach!! You have me excited! I am sure now all your hard work won’t be fighting all that hormonal stuff. You always have a goal and keep finishing your goals. I really am so happy to have met you on WP. You keep me going with your drive through any situation you come up to and you finish your goals. Makes me want to finish mine all day, every day. Thank you so much!! ❤️ Hugs and love back to you, always!

      • I used estrogen for awhile during my late 40’s and 50’s. Had to go off it after I retired, but it helped so much with the terrible night sweats and other hormone related things.

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    You are indeed Strong my friend. Every day you amaze and inspire me! Love being part of your crew❤️

    • Thanks so much Dwight!!! We have a fantastic crew and you kept me going through it all!! I look so forward to checking in that it takes over any bad thought in my head! I appreciate you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I am very glad you didn’t overdo it, so you heal up! You’ll get back in shape faster than you know! xo

    • Thanks so much Wendy! I am grateful for the next 2 weeks I can do a little more with exercise and I am super excited to only have the 2 more weeks before I can fully work out!😃 Have a great Sunday walk today! It’s rainy here but we have had a few beautiful November days prior. ☕️☕️☕️

  4. Way to go for pushing through the recovery, Jackie! 💞

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