Morning time

Recently with this Pandemic, my work has plummeted. This has given me more morning time. I have a whole new love for mornings when I’m not in a fog. This morning I woke up early without an alarm, had a french vanilla cappuccino from my Keurig and watched some of our local morning news/show.  My doggie is older and has to go out a lot so I was here to let her out 10,000 times. ( LOL ) Then I gave her her allergy medicine and fed her. Then I got up and went and fed my horse and then took all recyclables and garbage to the curbside. Then I took care of all our bottles and cans that were overflowing in our bin we put them in.

Then I came inside and made a cinnamon raisin english muffin and one egg. A cup of regular coffee too. ahhhhhhhh… I shared a little with my doggie.  Now I am here on WP. I’m going to clean my bunny cages next.

Thing is, having a morning to just do everything in a relaxing manner is something I just cherish now. Usually my mornings are go, go, go due to I start work normally at 8am. Work did start to pick up by 50% this week so I will have days I am working at 8am, but not every day. Really hate the financial position this is putting my family in however I am going to be extra grateful for this unexpected extra morning time.

I am surely thinking of all my WP friends and thanks for reading my thoughts! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Good God I have been put through the ringer lately! So sorry that I haven’t been responding here.

So my husband was supposed to be gone for 2 weeks, ended up a long three. Let’s not talk how that may not pay our bills.

We own a small farm. I’m done with asking kids to help.  I did it all. I work also. I do not ask anyone for anything.

I cannot pay my sprained ankle visit that is  $700 dollars.

My senior doggie got sick and it worried me so. Vet has helped a lot. Horse had a leg injury to tent to as well, yay!

I also dealt with 2 teenage girls that blame their mom for everything. Yah that’s great. Oh and they didn’t help with SHIT! Help me and I’ll help you! Pretty easy.

This virus has made me hoping for the best for my family. Trying to get what’s needed for us is hard. Another added stress.

I’m just done tonight. Looking forward to seeing my husband here safe. I hear he just missed CA shutdown.
I cannot wait to read everyone’s new posts! I’m so far behind!!! Love you all!!!! ❤️❤️

ps- still not stress drinking!!!❤️


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It was a busy Sunday. So all of my pictures are first?

0AD1D157-6779-4FF8-83E5-75CEFE9C1DD98FE7FD1E-D3F8-418C-8FD7-34B79ACA33BABA2248B7-6701-477A-AD40-CE21C4E05D9908242E0A-1011-48A1-B7EE-0701DB8D705FWhy is my heading in caps? Weird.

I had such a fun day and it was due to you all, I decided to take pictures to show you of my day.    Thank you all for being such an inspiration to me. I cannot thank you enough! I miss my husband here and cannot wait for his return, will be another week. Ugh….


This was this morning! How can I not be happy!!
Today I spent another block amount of  time with this big guy! ( not sure why it inserted where it did? )

He is the sweetest giant, ever. Next is me hanging towels on the line, me picking up dog poo and sticks from our tree out back, and my flags out front. Decided to show a little about me.




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Bunch of randomness I wrote at 6:15am today.

I have come to really enjoy mornings. My alarm goes off at 5am and I come out to then living room and like today am having coffee and am on WordPress. My new brand of coffee that I love ( had a coupon so tried ) is Newman’s Own special blend. Ahhhhh….

Looks like it snowed a bit overnight. Last two days have been a bit warm and some of the snow has melted, making lots of mud in the horse pasture….but hey I’ll take mud and warmer temperatures than snow and cold.

Tuesday night I overloaded the wheelbarrow with horse manure and had trouble wheeling it, and the front tire slipped on a portion of ice and dumped all out. I think I told a record amount of inanimate objects to f-off. 😂


Last night went more smoothly and then I fed and gave him water and such. Then cleaned up some dog poop. Then fed our bunnies. Then carried wood pellets in and finally at 8pm, cleaned the ash out of the pellet stove. Then did normal house chores like dishes and such. Girls ate a lot after school so I didn’t do a big dinner. By 9pm I was ready to sit on the couch and watch a little tv.

I have been exhausted with doing all this daily however I have found I am proud of myself and also I have not had any alcohol to “wind down.” I think I’m too tired! 👍🏻

Well I had better get going and feed our horse this morning before work. Mornings are horse and doggie feedings. Going to add a pic of me and my tall horse from Monday night and my Carhartt overalls and boots from last night. Mud and manure. I live a glamorous life! 😂


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The day I have been dreading…

3B269BB3-508C-4944-B579-491B6DD7E695Well I have made myself a nervous wreck for today. There’s a lot more on my plate for the next 2 weeks. I think now that the day has come, I feel relaxed. I have prepped and can take it all on. Today starts I have to, and am  starting off that way. Physically yes, hopefully mentally as the next weeks progress I follow suit. Anyway, I took a selfie today. It was briefly sunny and I had showered, hair not in a bun for once, eczema, cold sore and acne have subsided and I felt happy.  😊 I really need a hair cut though, it’s been about 5 months. 😬 Possibly that will be the next thing I do for myself. 👍🏻
Anyway, I wanted to share. I feel I need to share more here. You all are so genuine!
Many thanks to you all!

PS-I’m still not sure how to add photo’s in certain areas in a blog. I just hit the add button and it appears where it does. 🤓

PSS-I am already at a speed bump! Grrrr…😞


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Ho-hum, ho-Hum I’m glad the weekend is close to come!

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve started them, but then thought they were so boring and no new revelations or amazing-ness. I’ve been daily stressed to the most I’ve been in a long time. My circumstances aren’t changeable at all right now either. I have to hope for the best and keep trying my best, even though it’s a tough road to travel sometimes.

I believe this stress/worry has caused the onset of eczema. ( I read it can. )  I’ve had it on my face for awhile. I cover it up daily. It has now popped up throughout my body and it is horrible to itch and hurt all day. I also have right constant arm pain daily, couple nights ago it went numb down to my fingertips, but I’m certain it’s due to my job. Hoping that goes away. I feel just “off” lately but I have no insurance to go to the doctor for any tests or blood work, it is all out of pocket. Oh yeah, and financially I can’t afford that either.

Yesterday was actually a good day. I got this eczema approved (CeraVe) bar soap, lotion and face wash. ( $25 that needed to go elsewhere. ) My facial redness decreased after my shower and my acidic acne that popped out this week looks better. I’m hoping all over the eczema will keep getting better now. My cold sore is getting much better too, about gone.  I had a good night after work. I chatted happily with my husband. It was nice.

I have been thinking of alcohol a lot this week. Just can’t shake it. I drink when I’m cheery but mostly drink when stressed. I did not drink one drop, but man it is such a struggle this week! So annoying to deal with because I came close to giving in. I had every excuse run through my head it was a fine, justified idea.

……But I drove by that liquor store each time aft work and came home and will do that again today….

My goal in this was to not daily drink nor turn to alcohol to stress drink. Clearly It’s still a struggle. Good God this is taking forever.

Anywho, I am going to do my best to have a happy weekend after work today. I feel much better today! 😊 I only have to stop into work briefly Saturday so will basically have the weekend off. You all keep me inspired to keep going towards that light the end of this tunnel! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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This may be boring…lol

Hi Everyone!

First I wanted to say thanks so much to all my friends that blog on here. You all continue to help me out, even though you may not even know you are! I was in a funk last week by Thursday after another long day at work, I was thinking of alcohol. My thoughts to rationalize having one went from “I’ve had a hard days work.” to  “What’s a couple going to hurt really?” Friday after work were the same thoughts.

Well for the first question on Thursday I bought myself a huge fresh baked apple fritter doughnut at an awesome bakery instead. It was delicious and that’s my perfect kind of instant gratification for a hard days work. Yum Yum Yum  For the second question….It’s going to hurt everything I have worked hard for!  My whole goal was to stop daily drinking. I wanted my brain to stop thinking of alcohol on the regular. Dry January helped so much and I’ve been going strong since. 😀

Friday after work I basically sulked all night. Just sat and watched tv and such. By after work Saturday my spirits seemed to be lifted and Sunday was a good day! I am a tad bummed at myself because I could not pull myself out of that funk Friday night but on the flip side, I did not drink to numb out that feeling.

Well onto another week! Talk to you soon everyone! 😀 😀 😀

PS~Here’s a picture of me Sunday in my favorite sweatshirt. I am a true geek for old horror movies, The Shining is one of them! Most people just think I’ve been to this particular hotel at some point and bought a sweatshirt, but a slim margin of others who see me wearing it have that kindred smile and know all about the Overlook Hotel. ( Which was only called the Overlook Hotel for the book/movie, it’s actually called The Stanley Hotel ) 86414797_10220942281137511_5157158650409648128_n

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