Late night, early morning runs.

Last night the sunset was so pretty so I ran ( well jogged really ) a mile and took pictures. It was the perfect way to end a Friday night.

On Saturdays if the weather is nice I’m able to run my mile outside around my property. 😍 Weekdays I run on the treadmill as it’s not even light out when I’m working out then.


Every time I do things like these it keeps my alcohol in check. I feel myself wanting to drink more like around my in-laws pool when everyone else is and situations like that. The feeling of accomplishment when I don’t is huge.

Thanks for reading! Jackie

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Unexpected morning

Well a client had to cancel this morning so I only have to work this afternoon. It’s been glorious!

Woke up at 5am and got my workout in and breakfast. Showered, housework and now have 40 minutes before I have to leave. It’s beautiful out today so I thought I’d sit on the front porch for a bit.

Just loving this country living, my hummingbirds at their feeder, the trees we planted 20 years ago, the greenery and not waking up hung over every morning. Life is good now that I control alcohol, it not me.

Have a great day! ❤️ Jackie

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Jam packed weekend

Hello! 😃

This weekend was our 30th class reunion. I recently blogged how I was on the committee for it and I was happy to having it at our local state park instead of at a bar. Well, they made it a two day event so it was Friday night at a bar and Saturday at the park.

I have one friend that I reunited with at our 20th class reunion and we have been close since. She drove out with her husband to go to our 30th class reunion with me and my husband. she’s the type of friend that when I tell her I want to nurse a drink ( or maybe 2 ) all night, she will make sure that happens even if I change my mind. She knows how much my goals mean to me. It was a success and I didn’t even need reassurance. I was nervous as I haven’t been to a bar in a few years.

My friend Tina ❤️

When I returned home from the class reunion Friday night my daughter was in tears as she gave her boyfriend a second chance recently and he was coming in for the weekend and he came in and dumped her again. As a parent your heart hearts so bad when your kids do as well. We talked that night, we talked all Saturday morning. I went to work and then we watched a movie and today she rode in the car with me to get groceries just to get out of the house. The breakup was unexpected and she’s really sad. I know she will be better off once she gets over him….just the process sucks.

Just put a nice roast in the oven and doing house chores. Weekend really flew by but looking forward to one more weekend of working Saturdays and then done. I’m too old for that shit. 😂

Pretty boring update but that’s all I got for ya now!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤️ Jackie

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4 months in….

Hi everyone! Really starting to love life recently. I’m 4 months in from the start of bettering myself by working out and eating healthier. Pictures really motivate me to keep on, keeping on!

It’s not easy. The first 3 months I went strong. This month now that I feel a bit “established” I have lightened up a couple of days.

I feel so much better and my mindset is enriched. I keep looking for new ways to be active and feel inner peace. Bike riding is my newest. Rode today and came home feeling whole.

Played some basketball with hubby ( who is soooo good ) and lost every game but I feel I’m getting better. Going to keep working on those skills. I was exhausted using muscles I don’t normally use in that manner, but that’s a good thing.

Overall it’s so hard to take that plunge and go head first but now that I have I’m not turning back.

Thank you for reading! XO Jackie

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My weekend

This weekend we hosted a graduation party for our youngest. We got pizza from an amazing pizza shop but I made all other foods. Pasta salad, fruit salad, tossed salad, cheese/pepperoni tray, brownie/cookie tray…all for about 30 people. It was ALOT of work. Just the planing and grocery shopping for it all, the prep for it all, the set up for it all and hosting it all and finally the clean up of it all. I went to bed at 11pm last night so my 5am alarm came fast. I’m tired this morning but everyone had a great time!

The key thing is that I’m tired just from being tired. I used to drink while prepping for these things, sip on something during events like this and then half ass pick up after everyone left, barely making it to bed.

I did not drink while prepping or during. I did have a drink once everyone left as I cleaned up the kitchen. However, I had just that one drink I sipped on, got everything properly cleaned up/food put away, even cooked eggs for me and hubby for this morning. Even though I went to bed late and I am up early it is just due to pure exhaustion, not due to drinking all day. I am getting my work out in this morning which never would happen in past years. I am quite proud of myself and hubby even noticed. I received compliments on my hard work working out and I actually remember exactly what people said.

It just feels really good so thought I’d share. I did think about drinking when food prepping but told myself no, so there’s still that mindset pattern. I’m glad I could break that yesterday. 😃💪

Well I hope everyone has a great day! I’m off to get my workout done and start the day off right.

Thanks for reading! Jackie

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3 month exercise goal complete.

Good morning! I am very proud and excited to say I followed through with my 3 month exercise goal! I can’t tell you how much this has changed how I think and feel, and it’s only the beginning.

My goal was to exercise 6 days a week. I run a mile and then do 40mins of weights. I stuck strong to that however had 2 days I just had to take off. I had to listen to my body and mind and know missing 1 day here and there won’t break my stride, I’ll just come back stronger.

One hard part is dealing with pre-menopause. Waking up every hour from night sweats and working out is no fun. Randomly getting periods and bloating/cramping and working out is no fun. One of the days I took off was due to this but I came back the next morning with extra energy to get a good workout in.

I have lost 7lbs and 3” off my waist. Another goal of mine was to be able to do 1 pull up. Just this week I was able to do one and hold for 5 seconds. I was ever so geekishly proud of myself!

This morning.

I’m now going to make workout plans monthly. Next month is working out 5 days a week. Wednesdays will just be morning yoga now. 6 days a week got to be a little too much the last month for me. Keep upping my weights as needed and instead of running a mile, doing an elliptical machine. I want a sustainable, life long plan.

I’m really excited for next month and really feeling my 50’s are going to be some of my best years!!

Thank you all for reading and encouraging me! I really appreciate it! HUGE shout out to Dwight for being my work out buddy over on his Volly app. It means so much to check in and be accountable for your goals but also check in and know someone will understand needing to take a day off. I appreciate you so much!! 🙌🏻

😊 Jackie

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Evening run

Here in the valley we don’t get to see sunsets like last night. I looked outside and knew it was going to be a good one! I put my running shoes on and ran and walked a couple miles. It was beautiful and thrilling! The mindset I needed.

Guess who a year ago wouldn’t have been able to do this? Yep, me. I would have already had a couple drinks in me and entertaining the idea to go for a run at night would not have crossed my mind.

I’ve changed so much in the last year. I’m really liking me much more. 😃 An alcohol update is about the same as my last one. I do drink when I feel like drinking however it’s nothing consistent and I’m not getting blitzed. I have control over alcohol, not vice-versa.

Have a great day all and thanks for reading!

🫶🏻 Jackie

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Well Dwight, ( hence the comment I wrote on your blog ) I wasn’t gonna blog today but I am sitting out here and it’s on my mind so I decided to.

Distraction has come in to play this past week. One day I had to cut my weight time down due to I just couldn’t get my brain off of all the things I had to do with work, appointments and errands after work. This is happened twice this week. I have realized I have a shit ton going on in the next two months and I am not organized to my liking.

Organization to me is everything is organized. My house, my big desk calendar with everything written down on it and it plugged into my phone as well so I have a hard copy and my phone. I have a graduation party to put on. It takes a lot of time because there’s some things I can pay for and some I can’t so I need to organize that all out and plan what I’m making. Both kids going to college. Lots of appointments/ceremonies to get in before then. A root canal insurance won’t pay for that I’m fighting, my oldest went to college just turning 17 and didn’t need a car and didn’t get her license in time. Making driving time for that this summer. ( She’s rusty!! 🤣 ) I’m doing my memorial garden for my doggie and a small one out front, I hang clothes on the line on no rain days. So time consuming but wind is free! My mom recently had tendon surgery so she needs help also. This list is never ending just what I’m thinking off the top of my head right now.

I added a plant and flowers! 😍 Needs watering tonight for sure!

Not only do I have my main job, I am a hairdresser. ( You wouldn’t know it from my hair in a bun daily! 😂 ) I don’t practice anymore but do have my handful of clients I continue to do. Everyone wants their hair done for all these upcoming ceremonies/graduations.

Sooooo this has led me to distraction this week . My plan is to sit outside in the sun for half an hour or so and then make a to-do list and start knocking things off on it. Thing is I worked today and I’m just not feeling more inside work.

So anywho-I will make progress today. I love weekends for catch up around here and all are booked straight into end of August. I know I need some me time though. I will continue my morning workout. I absolutely love the feeling after I put that time into myself.

Well wish me luck! 😆😂 Oh as I wrote that my daughter came out to tell me the washer is acting up again. Lordy. Going in to struggle with that now. Hubby is bailing hay, never a dull moment for either of us.

Have a good day friends! I know my mindset will get better once I follow through with some things I need to do today…..but it’s 3:30pm already. 😬

Always, thanks for reading!


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2 Months in!

2 months in of eating better and working out 6 days a week. I started running a mile a day and this week did 1.25 miles each day. I then do 40/45 minutes of weights. I take the weights slow as I have tendinitis in my right arm and a sciatic nerve issue that likes to act up at times.

As far as eating better I really have upped my protein intake at each meal. I love putting cottage cheese in my eggs in the morning. You just whisk a couple eggs and maybe like 1/3cottage cheese and then put in preheated pan. I found Dave’s killer brand English muffins to be yummy, they have more protein in them rather than a regular English muffin. I do a shake for lunch with Vega protein and greens powder, PBFit 2 and collagen. ( with oat milk ) I eat whatever for dinner but I make sure it’s got a good protein source. I eat an apple a day and healthy snacks. Pretty straight forward. I know I have mentioned some of this before so don’t want to bore ya.

I drink a minimum 64 ounces of water a day. That’s a huge improvement for me.

Results have been slow going as I just started to see results JUST the past couple weeks. I now have lost 4lbs and 2” off my waist. I decided to take an “after” picture and honesty did not see these results looking in the mirror. It’s really got me pumped to keep going!

Hope I didn’t ramble too much and I always thank you so much for reading and always encouraging me to be a better me! 😍 I always remember this only could happen by me conquering not having alcohol rule my life! ✔️💪🙌🏻

😃 Jackie

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Week seven

This wellness, putting myself first is not easy. I put everyone else first. Putting myself first means getting up at a stupid early time to make sure that’s all for me, it won’t happen later in the day.

I used to think 4:45am is stupid, now I love it. I am entering week 8 and this is my now morning love. I get up for me. Yep, last night no way I stayed up for SNL, however I’m okay with that. Me bettering myself helps this family out 100%. I can already see it.

So ending week 7 I have great progress. 1 1/2 off my waist and 3lbs down. Solid gain. I love it! 💪

Took time today before the rain to re-do my Mimmie’s ( doggies ) memorial garden. Spent over 2 hours out there. I can attach a pic however all the outside rocks I carried from our creek. Good workout and I’m so happy with it now. ( pic doesn’t show it all ) Next week is to buy a couple bags of mulch.

I asked hubby to take a pic of me and this is what we have. 😂😬😂😬 I gained 62lbs with my first pregnancy and 52 with my next. I hope for some tummy magic in the future. I’m short and it all went to my belly. 🙄

I am feeling so good and looking forward to what’s up next!

Thank you all for reading!


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