Today was a day to smile

In the height of all this political crap my Alexa had her first hike since back surgery for severe scoliosis. This is what today is about. Been near two years since she could even do anything without pain. Grateful to get this picture at work and grateful for her dear friend. ❤️ Just happy and grateful today.

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Tuesday, shitty and then sunshine!

In the winter months I get about 4 weekdays off a year. It’s just too cold at one of my jobs for me to work without heat. Today was one of them. This morning was -5 windchill here with it still snowing for horse chores at work and a full day in that weather. That left me for only my own horse chores this morning. Last night I came home from work at 6pm in complete white out conditions at times.

I had a huge to do list around the house today and was checking tons off my list. It really felt good. My husband text “The sun is out, I hope you get out in it.” At first I was hesitant. It’s 23 degrees currently, but I bundled all up and went out. It IS what I needed. I closed my eyes and really soaked up the sun. I felt a complete warmth inside.

I’m back inside and fed my bunnies and now ready to bundle back up to feed my horse. The sun is setting, it won’t be as pleasant but I always know for the most part getting my butt outside makes for a happier Jackie.

Sometimes things take quite the encouragement within to just do, but when we do we feel a sense of happiness inside. I cherish that and those like you all that uplift me to that feeling. ❤️❤️❤️

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Sunday morning thoughts…

Why in God’s green earth do they need to put those little plastic T things in a package of new socks? 🤷‍♀️ I always first try to pull and see if it will magically break, never does. Then I have to get scissors and of course my glasses due to I can’t see squat without them. Then after I cut them out of my socks I get to the washer and they are still all together. Yes, there’s always a hidden T thing I missed. 🙄 Back to my scissors and glasses I go, hoping I will have all the little T things out before my next freaking birthday.
Yes, these are my Sunday morning thoughts. 🤣

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Frickidy Frackidy Friday

This morning I woke up feeling great! As I drove to work the sun was shining and I decided to switch up my usual music I listen to. I wanted to sing! All day I bounced back and forth from country, old country, 80’s music and a XM station called Hair Nation. Love belting out hair band music!

I’m really not sure what got to me today. I haven’t channel surfed for new music to enjoy in so long. It really felt so good to sing again in my truck! I even started a list of a few songs I’d like to learn the lyrics to.

Isn’t it funny how just one day you wake up with these intense happy feelings? I don’t quite get it but I’m going to do my best to keep it going.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Today I bought some make up ( on sale of course. 😂) and this pic is of me and I just recently found out my hair will curl with a diffuser. Who knew!?

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Yesterday I felt great at my 5:30am wake up, a plus for a Monday too! It started snowing and wind blowing around 6am. I trudged through the snow and fed the horse, then work. Yesterday was a particularly hard day at work. Monday’s and Tuesday’s where I clean is a more “industrial” clean as it involves hours of using a shop vac and filling/dumping a string mop bucket countless times. As I worked another 4” of snow came down.

When I got home my hubby said he will be working later. I figured I’d make a nice dinner of pork chops and oven potatoes. With him working later that means I need to go back over and feed the horse before dark. ( Usually he helps with night duty and I do morning duty but he’s been working longer hrs lately so I have been doing night feeding too .)

I fed our bunnies and got geared up to go feed Gray. ( That’s our horse’s name ) My mood generally changes for the better as I go over there but last night I wasn’t having it. All my shoveling had blown back in and then my shovel broke. I fell a few times even trying to get over there.

You can guess what I was saying on my walk over there. 😂😂😂

Dinner was good but I was too tired to clean up from dinner. I watched The Bachelor and went to bed. Well, I think I made a step record for myself in one day. Felt a bit more positive after seeing that and then I fell asleep. Woke up countless times from night sweats and this morning I’m feeling very blah. We are supposed to get another 3-4” starting at 8am. I guess gusty too so visibility will be impaired. I usually leave my house at 8am but I’m going to try to get out a tad earlier to miss it. News said by 1pm it should stop and I don’t leave work today until 2:30pm so I’m hoping my drive home is just fine.

Anyway I am rambling but I plan on turning my mood around. Yesterday was yesterday and since I didn’t drink I know I can turn my mood around. If I had drank I would have felt yucky today and not able to turn my thoughts around.

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading my ramble-bamble! Oh and ps-Claire, I have learned where to add pics in! Remember before I would just add them and wherever they ended up, they ended up! 😂🤣

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I scream for ice cream.

Last night my hubby and I got into a fight over something so stupid. He started it and I’m like “Really, this is what you want to argue about?” ( I must say we don’t fight a lot. )

It’s been quite busy here. He has been working long hours to be able to take our daughter back to school yesterday. ( Requires taking the day off ) That put extra duties on me around here with our animals and I also work full time. It’s fine and not the first time but I guess maybe the fight started with him being stressed out. There’s just been a lot of little things happening here. We did not yell but our voices were definitely loud.

He showered and went to bed. What was the first thing that came to my brain? “For the love of God I want to drink.” I know that fixes nothing but thoughts like that still come and go with me. I have no alcohol in my house so that wasn’t an option anyway. Makes me wonder that if there was, would I have been strong and resisted? I guess we won’t know but if my thoughts were like that I’d better keep up with no alcohol in the house.

I got a bowl of ice cream with a shit ton of chocolate fudge, grabbed a warm blanket and sat on the couch with my Sparkling water that I had been drinking. That’s all I needed. I felt fine and “over it” after that.

My ice cream instantly melted because my hot fudge was too hot. Still soooo good!

So the meaning of this post? I don’t even know however I woke up as my husband was going to work this morning and he said good morning and have a good day when he left. We have been together 30 years and I knew we would get over such an insignificant fight quickly.

I’m glad I had no alcohol in my house last night. My ice cream was the perfect replacement. Hopefully it doesn’t go straight to my ass. 🙅‍♀️ I’m bright eyed 👀 and bushy tailed this morning! ✔️🎯

Have a great day!


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Today’s morning thought.

I’m still fighting and becoming however I’m liking me a lot more these days! 🥰

Have a great day everyone! 😍

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My new vacuum

Well my old vacuum bit the dust so we got a new one with a gift certificate we have been saving since Christmas.

Today is one of my days off so I’m being a total geek because I’m super happy to be in my pj’s vacuuming with my new vacuum. 🤓

Part of me being a geek for a new vacuum is I have my own cleaning business. I have over 17 houses and 2 days a week ( all day each day ) I work for an equine doctor. ( overall cleaning maintenance )

I have always been a bit of a geek for cleaning. OCD kicks in and I know that’s why I do such a good job. I have three younger brothers and my parents worked full time. I took right over at a young age cleaning our house. Most all my clients have been with me for around 10 years. I’ve bonded and care for them all….and their pets! 😍

Anyway, I’m rambling but wanted to share my geekiness and happiness with you today!

…pictures aren’t that good but you get the drift…🤣

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Well I am a very active person at home and at work but my body has gotten accustomed to it. I told myself that after I fed my horse I would get on my treadmill. I used to love my treadmill but hate it as I’ve gotten older. While I was over there I decided instead of the treadmill I’d shovel random paths for my horse to walk around on. ( Snow is deep here and he’s a senior horse and hates fighting deep snow. )

Completely kicked my ass but I’m home now and feel great!

If I was still drinking like I used to on a Friday night no way would I feel so accomplished this morning!

I’m feeling good today! 😁 I really hope you all are too! 😍

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Yesterday I had a couple stops to make after work. One was by a liquor store. My brain instantly said “You have been doing so good, why not stop?” I drove by and didn’t stop however, I had to go back by it again to go home.

I sat in my truck and really had to ask myself Why today would I be having these urges? What do I really want right now?

Thing is I could not come up with answers to either of these questions. I really did try. I tried so hard I said to myself “What the hell Jackie, if you are thinking of something this much, it’s too complicated!” “Just drive home and you know once your home, your fine.” So I did just that. Went by the liquor store again and not going to lie, had to tell myself no again.

About half way home I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was proud of myself. I just thought I’d share that for some people no matter if your new at cutting out or back on alcohol, or old like me these moments can resurface and we can overcome them! For me whenever I’m in a good stretch a monkey wrench will get thrown in but I also see I’m getting way better at handling them! 😃I may not always win, hey I’m human and we make mistakes but I do just love winning! 🏆

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