This may be boring…lol

Hi Everyone!

First I wanted to say thanks so much to all my friends that blog on here. You all continue to help me out, even though you may not even know you are! I was in a funk last week by Thursday after another long day at work, I was thinking of alcohol. My thoughts to rationalize having one went from “I’ve had a hard days work.” to  “What’s a couple going to hurt really?” Friday after work were the same thoughts.

Well for the first question on Thursday I bought myself a huge fresh baked apple fritter doughnut at an awesome bakery instead. It was delicious and that’s my perfect kind of instant gratification for a hard days work. Yum Yum Yum  For the second question….It’s going to hurt everything I have worked hard for!  My whole goal was to stop daily drinking. I wanted my brain to stop thinking of alcohol on the regular. Dry January helped so much and I’ve been going strong since. 😀

Friday after work I basically sulked all night. Just sat and watched tv and such. By after work Saturday my spirits seemed to be lifted and Sunday was a good day! I am a tad bummed at myself because I could not pull myself out of that funk Friday night but on the flip side, I did not drink to numb out that feeling.

Well onto another week! Talk to you soon everyone! 😀 😀 😀

PS~Here’s a picture of me Sunday in my favorite sweatshirt. I am a true geek for old horror movies, The Shining is one of them! Most people just think I’ve been to this particular hotel at some point and bought a sweatshirt, but a slim margin of others who see me wearing it have that kindred smile and know all about the Overlook Hotel. ( Which was only called the Overlook Hotel for the book/movie, it’s actually called The Stanley Hotel ) 86414797_10220942281137511_5157158650409648128_n

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Dry January completed!

Well, I completed dry January! I do not think I have gone a month without alcohol probably ever since I started drinking in my early 20’s, and I’m 47 now! I could go on and on all the changes I have made mentally on my thoughts on alcohol, but most all of you are familiar with them already. ( I think most here are ahead of me and have already gone through the first 30 days )

Two big things I want to share are I was using alcohol for so many not needed reasons. The biggest obstacles to overcome were wanting a drink when stressy and overall habitual drinking. ( Like “Oh I’m done work, worked hard so deserve a drink!” daily thoughts ) ( Or drinking while cooking, and I cook a lot! ) Totally had to tell myself no, A LOT the first week! Second week got better and by end of January, I wasn’t thinking of it much at all! I say much at all because I still did have some trigger times I thought of a nice rum and coke. Yep~I’m a rum and coke girl, not a wine girl. LOL!!

I also want to mention I was looking very “puffy” in my body but mostly my face. That has left and I am so happy about that! I look and feel so much better overall!

Anywho, wanted to blog and say thank you to all my WP friends for being there for me with the support I needed to carry on! I see most make another non-drinking goal however I am going to go day by day for now. My thinking has been forever changed and I feel very positive currently.

Oh and one more thing~I was quite surprised what a cheery/funny personality I have without alcohol! One time when I was done talking and laughing I actually thought to myself “Wow Jackie, you are cheery, funny and likable WITHOUT alcohol!” It made me quite happy!!!

Thanks again WP friends! ❤


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Sunday thoughts. ☪️

IMG_3327Well I’m still going strong on “Dry January!” Last night at about 9PM my husband said “Let’s watch a movie, have some snacks and put a dent in the La Croix tonight!” 😂 And that we did….I’ve got multiple flavors in the fridge. It is really nice to have great support on a Sat night like that, makes it a ton easier not to think about alcohol.

I have been re-evaluating my bedtime routine also. Even before alcohol, I have never been able to stay asleep at night. I wake multiple times from every hour to some nights every half an hour. Some nights I cannot get back to sleep. It’s been this way for years. I simply cannot shut my brain off for the next day. Doctor prescribed me Ambien and it does wonders. I sleep for 5 hours almost guaranteed straight. Anyway, now that I have changed my bedtime to reading and low lights and all that recommended jazz, I want to slowly get so maybe I don’t take Ambien every night anymore. I have tried Melatonin several times and even a teeny tiny dosage gives me horrible and I mean horrible, scary dreams. Melatonin is not for me.

I decided yesterday since I woke up at 6am and was getting to bed about midnight, I’d try and not to take it. I woke up about every hour. I did go back to sleep fairly quickly thankfully. I had a couple dreams, but not bad ones. Thinking of trying essential oils in one of those diffuser things next. Maybe lavender?

Anywho, I’m off to get some groceries for the week! Have a good Sunday everyone!

PS-What a rambling blog! 🤷‍♀️ PSS-This is  me last night making chicken wing pizza before our movie. 😋🍕


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2 weeks

I feel a little bit behind everyone here, I’ve started over so many times but Saturday was 2 weeks alcohol free! I’ve accomplished 2 weeks before but I feel more solid about continuing on this time. It hasn’t been easy as I basically used alcohol during stressful situations and I stress daily. I am excited to say it’s getting easier every day to grab a coffee, tea or a La Croix instead.

I don’t really have amazing uplifting things to say and I don’t want to bore all with old thoughts. This past weekend wasn’t the best. Saturday night didn’t go as planned and I was looking forward to Sunday going to the movies with family, that didn’t happen. I was in a quiet mood all day Sunday. I did think of alcohol but quickly diverted to coffee. I accomplished a lot around home.

I washed my bedsheets and blankets. Last night they smelled heavenly as I drifted off to sleep. This is something I would have never felt/appreciated so much when I was drinking alcohol.

Thank you all for all your posts, I read them all and they truly help so much! Now I must get my arse to work! Have a good day all!

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Happy weekend!

Hello friends!

It’s been a great weekend here, hoping the same for you all! Mentally I seem to be going into this “Dry January” with much more confidence and perseverance. I see I want to turn to alcohol when stressed, but doing good with telling myself NO. An author I love ( Rebecca Weller ) said that when you crave a drink, ask yourself “But what do I really want?” That one piece of advice has helped me this week tremendously! I get weak on the weekends so I made plans to keep me busy. Friday I worked long hours and brought subs home for dinner and sat and watched two movies with my hubby until 12am. We both drank some yummy teas.

Woke up Saturday feeling wonderful! Cleaned up our horse paddocks with my girls. It’s unusually warm here for January so we had to take advantage. Then the family went to get groceries and errands. Fun time and I purchased items for homemade milkshakes. I knew on a Saturday night I needed a “special” drink or it wouldn’t be the same. I am also lactose intolerant so purchase lactose-free ice cream and used almond milk. It had some whipped cream on it but Lactaid pills will offset that for me. It was suuuuuuuper yummy and everyone was happy and enjoyed them. Going to make mint chocolate chip milkshakes next weekend. Hubby got me a sparkling water later in the evening as we watched a movie. ( Can you believe with not drinking you can stay awake later at night for an entire movie? LOL!) He got one for himself as well. I told him if he wants a beer it’s no problem for me. He replied saying if I don’t drink, he won’t either. Very reassuring and it meant a lot. There’s certain occasions with the guys he may want to have a couple but he is able to have a couple and leave it at that.


Also, I received a new book Friday I’ve been wanting! I’ll try to add a picture of it!  A Happier Hour is her first book and the most relatable book I have read for early sobriety! I read it twice! The second, Up All Day is the one I just received. I follow her on Instagram ( she goes by bexweller ) and love Rebecca’s thinking and advice. Highly recommend for very relatable, easy reading!

Well, I better get on with my day! Thank you all so much for reading and all your comments and help!

Lots of love,


PS-Not sure why the pic inserted where it did…..but it works! LOL!



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Yet again

Good Monday morning! I loved reading everyone blogs over the last week or so.

Well I’m here to say I’ve started back over and doing Dry January. I am determined to get through this entire month. The biggest thing I find frustrating is I am a very strong willed person. There’s nothing I won’t try and usually succeed at. Something simple as no alcohol has clearly been one of the hardest. It sure has a hold on my brain and I’ve had enough of my thoughts being consumed by alcohol, especially when it does me no positives. It literally gives me a quick “happy” time but always ends with me getting sleepy. ( Even if I just have a couple. ) It’s useless to me.

I also get a lot of compliments on how young I look for my age. I see my belly getting bigger and my face wider and rocesea worsened.

So I’m hoping Dry January will help me see an improvement in all areas. All your posts are so helpful in knowing there is light at the end of this tunnel.

Thanks for reading,

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Today is good!

IMG_2766Today was such a good day. Lots of teenage kids here and I love a full house. My husband took me out for dinner tonight and I really tried to look good!  Thank you to all who keep in touch with me! ❤


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