Happy Halloween!

Over the years I have been a huge Halloween girl. I always loved to dress up and always threw a fun party.

I haven’t had a party in a few years and honestly I don’t plan on hosting another. At almost 50 years old, if feels like more of a chore to me. I also don’t drink like I used to and that was a big part of that party.

Dressing up seems like a chore as well these days. Kind of a weird feeling to have such a different outlook on Halloween. Maybe it’s also due to my kids are off to college now and not home dressing up as well.

However I have been thinking of dressing up as one of my favorite horror movie characters, Annabelle. She’s actual a vintage doll that the husband kindly purchased for his expectant wife. However, Annabelle turns evil. I would not have to buy anything for this as I have it all on hand. Yesterday late afternoon I decided to go for it. Many of you know I’m a huge horror movie fan. Here’s a picture of the Annabelle doll. The picture doesn’t show but the dress has red bows on it.

Next is a picture of me as Annabelle. I had trouble with the bangs as I’m certainly not cutting bangs so that was tricky. I had fun dressing up, even if not going anywhere.

Happy Halloween everyone! Thanks always for reading. ❤️ Jackie

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13 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. bluebird487 says:

    Great costume – happy halloween!

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    Ohhhh my gosh that’s dead on!!! That’s so awesome🎃

  3. That is SO perfect for you! You make an amazing Annabelle, Jackie! 😂

  4. Spot on!!! Do you get trick o treaters or too far out in the country? We hosted parties the past 2 Friday nights (outdoors – my husband does an epic Halloween display) and had over 250 people here… it was really fun but I’m ready for a more mellow / sober November! Oh and movies – we watched the original version of The Omen this weekend and loved it!

    • Thanks sooooo much!!! I had so much fun doing it even with nowhere to go. Oh I’m a geek for original horror movies. Love that you love them as well. I think I had my girls watching them at too young of an age though. 😂 Night of the Living Dead ( 1968 ) was the first one I had them watch. I still feel so bad for the ending for Duane Jones. I won’t say anything in case you haven’t seen it. It’s an oldie! However my girls love horror movies like I do!! ✔️
      Too far out in the country for us, we don’t even get 1. Very awesome on your husband doing an epic Halloween display! Those are the absolute BEST!!!! Sounds like a fun parties for sure!! That must have been a lot of work, but so worth it!! I just love being creative and dressing up. I sew so make all my own costumes as well. I’m so glad you had an awesome Halloween weekend as well! I always love hearing from you!!❤️

  5. Hilarious and great!

  6. Brilliant costume! I ignore Halloween now my kids aren’t here too! Xxx

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