My birthday ramble bamble

Yesterday I turned 48. Having a birthday right after Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE and the first week everyone going back to work after the holidays is just dumb. 🙅‍♀️ Can’t really change the day I was born though. 😂

I went to work and everything seemed like a chore. I cleaned my two houses for the day, did errands and came home. Grabbed my coffee, snack and fleece blanket. I just felt so tired. I’ve owned my own cleaning business for a very long time and my body is starting to react as I get older. I have an on and off sciatic nerve issue in the lower back. It comes and goes and is bothering me currently. For a continuous month my right arm I use to scrub everything has been aching with sharp pains at times. I’m sure it’s tendentious from 15 years of using that arm heavy. Trying to use left arm more in hopes to get my right arm better but that’s a chore in itself. I can’t even sleep on my right side without waking up in pain. Not going to the doctor as we pay out the ass for shit insurance. I can’t afford a doctor visit bill with possible X-rays and such only to tell me to rest my arm.

So enough whining however I think that’s why I was just tired and blah yesterday. I’m tired of dealing with a constant achy arm. In the future I want to change jobs but right now I’m stuck. We only have 2 cars and a child that wants/needs an after school/weekend job. We live in the country so I will share my car with her. I start cleaning as early as 8am so am usually done by 4pm. This leaves her time for an evening job and weekend hours. I don’t normally work weekends and when I do in the summer maybe she will have some money saved for a vehicle or I can even take her to work on a weekend and pick her up when I need the car also. My husband works long hours so he is unable to share our other vehicle.

So with enough rambling again I’ll end this off with I had a good birthday. Hubby brought home pizza and I kept the couch warm after work. My youngest is a senior and plans of going to college. In the future it will be just me to worry about and I plan on changing jobs. Not sure what to though. I thought about now taking some online classes but not sure where to start. A business class or maybe nursing? I love to take care of people. Who knows what that would cost though. Right now we are not in a financial place to take on any more debt.

I’ll keep thinking on that and one thing I am proud of I did not drink on my birthday! ( frick yeah!! 🎉 ) ( I took your saying, Dwight! 😉 ) This is the first year in years that I haven’t. I did dry January last year and did have some drinks on just my birthday. I didn’t even care to have them yesterday. I like where I’m at and heading. ☺️

Have a kick ass day! I’m almost done my second cup of ☕️ and ready to make sure I have a mentally better day than yesterday. ✔️

❤️ Jackie

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22 Responses to My birthday ramble bamble

  1. HigherTimesMentalHealth says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Jackie! Your dumb comment made me laugh. Very sorry to hear about being tired and having issues with your arm☹️. I do know one thing though, and that whatever you decide to do next job wise you’ll be successful! You’re extremely hard working , smart, and dedicated!!! Are you able to board horses on your property? Also, I have no idea but would think there might be programs/grants that would pay or help pay for nursing education costs with the shortages of nurses. Maybe Lovie has more info on this. GREAT JOB on staying alcohol free – frick yeah😊!! Working on an exit plan, even if only tiny steps like calling different resources or further researching definitely helps the mental health and motivation. Sending supportive hugs and knowing vibes on whatever track you take forward will be met with much success ! 🤗💯🙌

    • I love your comment! I first love you totally got when I called my Jan 4 Birthday, dumb. 😂 It so is! Totally not complaining, it’s just simply dumb.
      You know, I will have to look into possible programs/grants for anything in the nursing field! I really never thought of that. You are so right too, I think I’ll make my first move as to really look into my options. Make my choice on my options. If I don’t like or find options for me, keep on looking for something that will work for me. Thanks for that, Dwight! That’s super helpful mentally!
      There’s so much to boarding horses and yep, I could board 2 but my horse changed my life so much, I guess I just can’t see other horses over there right now.
      I so appreciate also all your energy and compliments! I had a better arm pain day today and am home now and going to take on the task of taking down my Christmas tree. It’s huge and time consuming however I feel better mind and body today!
      I so wish I could look back at all you wrote to make sure I didn’t miss anything! Maybe you can and I still, after all this time have no clue what I’m doing on WP? 🤣
      Anyway, thank you again for always keeping me going and excited about my next improvement! I’m thinking of you and your current job!! Much love Dwight!!! 😍

  3. I am bummed to hear about your arm.
    Yes to changing jobs!
    A vet?
    As Dwight said, you might be able to help financially with nursing school, though!
    And very happy you didn’t drink on birthday!

    Happy Birthday dear Jacquelyn!

    • Thanks Wendy! I think I will take the first step and look into programs for nursing or anything in that field. It’s a start, if I don’t find anything that works for me I’ll keep looking for something that does. 😃 My time to change isn’t right now but my time to start the process is! Thank you for always encouraging me! I so appreciate it! ❤️

  4. ralisayoung says:

    Happy Birthday Jackie! Glad the day ended off nicely 🙂

  5. gr8ful_collette says:

    Happy Birthday, Jackie! So glad you’re in a good space! Xx

  6. msnewleaf says:

    Happy birthday, Jackie! I have no doubt you’ll figure the job thing out. I’m excited for you! 😊

  7. Happy Birthday Jackie!!! I know what it’s like to think about a career change – totally overwhelming. I did a bunch of research on it for about a year and would be happy to talk about it if you want. My requirements were similar – something that actually helps people, and did not hurt my body aka sitting at a computer all day. When I did do a desk job, in my 20’s before kids, and only for about 5 years, my forearm and wrist hurt so much from using the mouse. I went to the doctor thinking it was carpal tunnel and they told me it was “overuse syndrome”. Well… obviously… our bodies aren’t meant to work like that! So they could do nothing to help me. I switched to using my left hand which helped a little.

  8. Ainsobriety says:

    Happy belated birthday!
    I turned 50 in December.
    I also have many aches and pains!

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