A wash out week, literally….but still feeling unbreakable.

Well my exercise routine when to hell in a handbag this past week. The only good thing is my basement has no water now and is now 70% cleaned and organized. Hope to finish off this weekend.

Today I have the day off from work. It’s really weird to have this time but I went to bed at a good time last night and up and ready for my day at 5:15am. I decided to keep my regular work schedule and slay the day here doing things I’ve been wanting to do. I am sipping my coffee, it’s 6:15am here. I’m super excited for today, yeah I’m kind of a nerd. 😂🤓

Going to plug in my treadmill and see if it works today! Had to let it dry out for a week or so due to the flood in the basement. It’s still not organized down there however if it works, I’m going to run! 🏃‍♀️

With all the frustration of lost items during the flood and work involved in cleaning up from it I have wanted to drink. I did drink once. Nothing crazy but I’m back on a good streak now. I have been invited Friday night to a local bar to meet up with old classmates as one is in town visiting. I’ve decided not to go, but haven’t responded yet. I haven’t been to a bar in years and not really fond of that setting. Yeah I’d go and not drink however this is a little home town bar and I feel my anxiety would start and I would cave and drink. So….have to put myself first and say no!

Thought I would share my current favorite song that’s inspiring me. This is “Unbreakable” by Kingdom Collapse. I feel a strong, inspiring connection to this song lately!

Well off to slay this day starting with horse chores! Thanks to everyone for reading and hope your day is as bright as my hair and kicks ass like this song! 😘🤣

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Week 3

Hi!! Well week 3 didn’t go as planned. We have had major rain here for so long the ground just can’t absorb any more. Wednesday night a major storm came through and we had 4-6 inches of water in our basement. We have a sump pump, just couldn’t keep up. It has been a long time since our basement has flooded. All our things that mean the most to us are up on pallets so are safe. There’s just so much work to do down there, everything stinks and for years we have just shoved everything down there to store, but never took the time to store it properly. Or lots of toys down there for a future garage sale, but haven’t had one yet. So, lost many things. However I just keep telling myself the most important things are safe.

So since then, no workouts. Everything is unplugged and moved around to mop under it. I’m not even sure if my treadmill will even work anymore. All of our time is going to going through things for damage, sorting and mopping….etc. One thing is my arms are on 🔥 from hauling out wet carpets outside! 😂💪🏻

Water level on my speakers. Yes, I still own old school speakers. 😂

My husband partitioned off a room down there for a teenage girl that lived with us for a couple years when her mom passed away. ( She has no dad ) We have to take that all down as the walls just got too soaked. That room hasn’t been used as a bedroom in years so it’s not that big of a loss, just another project.

Anyway so much work to be done and as I’m bummed that this has really put a hold on my workout plan, I am doing what has to be done and gaining some upper body strength doing it! I guess the good news is my huge basement will be the most organized and clean that it’s ever been! 🤣

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Sunday night, waiting for my kids

Well it’s a Sunday night and I’m waiting for my 17 and 18year old girls to come home. Then lock up and go to bed. Yes I could go to bed now, but I for some reason just want them here, under my roof before I go to bed. (Likely because things will change soon with college. )

Cool thing? I’m waiting for them with my chocolate almond milk, not alcohol!

Toodaloo Mothafucker!

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Week 2, feeling good!

Just wanted to check in and log that I’m on week 2 and I did 3, 45 minute workouts this week! Just completed my third. It was hard with my schedule however, I did it. Go freakin’ me!!

I’ve been running a mile, then different weights, running half a mile, weights again and then running another half a mile, ending with weights again. Running on an archaic treadmill is a bit rough but I’ve got my music! My favorite exercise is with this big 10lb ball. I love to do squats with it! My daughter bought it a few years ago and it’s been in my basement not being used for at least a couple years.

I really feel this week overall much better and I was looking forward to my workout this morning. My goal is to do 4 workouts a week however I am more than happy with 3!

Well that’s all I got for ya! 😂 Have a kick ass Sunday!! 💪🏻

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Hungry for life!

Well last week I half-assed it with working out. I mean I had days I was quite proud of myself but some frustrating days. Last week and this week every frigging day after work someone has an appointment/senior pictures/drivers test….it’s never ending. This is what gets me frustrated and in a mindset not to work out. My husband works 12 hrs a day so he is unable to take them to these. However I am thinking ahead that once my daughter gets her drivers license I won’t have to go everywhere with her, so some time after work should open up.

Soooo week 1 started out slow but I did put forth enough of an effort to say I made progress. This week I am going to improve more. ( I have my before pictures which are quite a motivator for me, yikes! 😬 😧 ) I am hungry for life thanks to you all! About a year ago today I was daily drinking and mornings were rough. Now I have that shit under control and mornings are a solid wonderful staple of my day. Things can only go up from here!

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This weeks thoughts…

Good Sunday Morning!

Gosh, I’ve been wanting to post recently and never had a good topic to post about, really. Now wanting to share my thoughts Thursday-Saturday.

So, one of my clients has a daughter that is a personal trainer. She’s doing real well for herself and I know people that love her and their results show it! I want those results and was ready to do whatever it takes. I need accountability these days. I need something more than I have. I can do my little workouts but they aren’t changing me at all. I was ready and excited to sign on and change myself. For once, I decided to put money into me and this program is an exciting one!

Well after our phone conversation and me being all hyped up I got the price. For the love of freaking God…I guess all she’s offering and her results show her 3 month program work….it’s worth it. However we cannot afford for me to sign on right now. I wanted to cry. I was so hyped to do this never expecting the price tag. I came home after work quite bummed.

Fast forward to this Sunday morning…. I’m over feeling bad that I can’t afford to put time into myself. I do my little workouts but they are not getting me to the results I want. So starting next week I’m going to give myself 1 month of really putting time into myself. I have this crop top I’d love to wear and today I’m going to have one of my girls take my before picture in it. Not saying I’ll ever really feel confident wearing it however some improvement in it would be satisfying. So I thought I’d start with writing a blog and sharing my thoughts with you all. Start this as my first way of taking accountability for my goal. I know I can do this! Thanks for reading!! 🥰💪🏻

Oh and I also wanted to share that alcohol thoughts have been in my brain again lately. I know if I put time and effort into myself I won’t want to add in anything to detour my results. I am thinking this goal of mine will suppress my wanting to drink more. 💪🏻

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Yucky morning

Well, last night I drank. My brother hasn’t been here in 6 years and he is in town. It was a great time and I’m not saying I’m mad at myself or anything however, I am not happy with the way I feel this morning. I absolutely love my mornings and it’s 10am and I have not accomplished or enjoyed anything. I could have easily just had my AF drinks but I caved after such a long good run. I know I am fun without alcohol. Took me awhile to realize that but at 47 years old, I am certain of it.

Onward and upward I suppose. I didn’t drink a ton that my day is a wash however everything seems a chore this morning.

Just updating for anyone who is contemplating drinking again…..it sucks the next morning! Starting a new long run this Sunday morning with a better appreciation for my AF drinks! Thank you all for being with me and my ups and downs with alcohol! I really appreciate it!

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Finding my balance

Recently I’ve been having a hard time finding my balance in life. Collette ( Wine to Water ) recently posted about this and it really got me thinking. I work a lot and our family always has multiple things going on. I feel like I need to make lists just to remember everything that I need to do. This is nothing new however I need better tactics to keep that balance more regular.

My husband and I got invited to a bonfire this past Saturday, starting at 6pm. It’s with some of my old classmate friends. I said yes, I don’t see them often and they are really nice people. Well Friday was a long day and Saturday I didn’t get home until 4pm. I was whipped and cancelled saying I’m just too tired. It’s 100% the truth but also it’s a drinking bonfire and just like last time I can go and bring my own non alcoholic drink, but that seemed like a chore too. A weight was lifted from me when I did cancel, however I did want to see them and the next day fb post about good friends did sting a little but I understand, everyone is good friends and had a great time! I chose not to go.

Anywho, yesterday after work a couple of the girls that held the bonfire text me and asked if tomorrow ( now today ) I wanted to go with them for Chicken Gravy & Bisquits night at our local diner. I totally said yes as that’s right up my alley! I’m excited about this! I also told hubby I’m too stresssed out on weekends. We have a grad party Saturday at 4pm and I said let’s relax at that and just keep relaxing after. I’m looking forward to that as well.

This past Sunday was Fathers Day. We got bbq chicken from our local fireman’s bbq and I made potato salad and a tossed salad and I made 2 pies. ( one for my father in law ) ( My dad lives a bit further away ) potato salad is timely and I got frustrated that my day was going to be about food. However I did offer to cook it all! I do this a lot! Anyway after hubby saying not to make all that I did and then walked down to my in-laws and got in their pool. It was just what I needed to relieve that stress.

So anyway, I’m trying to really be conscious of balance. I started Monday off frustrated again and that’s no way to start a Monday off. I think I was just tired. My arms hurt pretty good from swimming! I can’t believe I’m that out of shape, I have been doing my small workouts. Feeling more refreshed this Tuesday morning and I sure hope you all are too!

Thanks for reading, Jackie

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Week 1

Just wanted to share that last week I started working out again. My goal was to run half a mile, do a set of legs, arms and stomach and then run another half a mile and do a second set of legs arms and stomach. I wanted to do this at least 4 days a week.

My legs sure did hurt after the first couple days but by the end of the week I was looking forward to working out. I think it’s very helpful it’s a short workout. I felt very accomplished that I met my goal. I don’t know if it’s possible after 1 week to feel stronger but I do!

Anywho I’m headed into week 2 and I did my workout today right when I got home from work. ✅ I thought I’d share my after work to do list. This amount is pretty much daily. I even scheduled a couple appointments in between all that.

We ate a late dinner and after cleaning up from dinner I showered and plopped on the couch with some chocolate soy milk in a kids cup. ( I like it has a handle. 🤣 ) ( AND most importantly, it’s not alcohol! 😃 ) I’m currently sitting here super happy and I do feel super cool about my productive day today. 😎

Thanks for reading and all your support! ~Jackie

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Goooood morning!

This was my thought this morning when the alarm went off at 5am. 😂 However I am awake now with my coffee and feeling great!

Last week I didn’t do any of my little workouts. I guess I said “Eff a workout toooooo!” 🐓 But…I am back on track this week!

Did grocery shopping Sunday morning and couldn’t find the Bob Evans potato’s section. Then when I spotted them I went right up to a guy in Walmart and pointed and said “The Bob Evans are over there!” Then he fully turned around and looked at me and it wasn’t my husband. Then I hear My husband dying laughing. 😂 😆🤣 Oooppsssss… I just saw a bald head and went with it…. Lordy. 😆

I’ll end this randomness on a personal accomplishment note. We just took our daughter back to college Saturday for her finals this week. It’s 5 hours one way. I never drive on trips or such where there’s long highway driving. Gets my anxiety going bad. Well I told myself I need to start so my husband isn’t doing all the driving, it’s too much as we make many trips there and go there and back in the same day. Soooo, Saturday was my third trip driving to college. The first trip I mostly stayed in the slow lane and was full of anxiety. Second trip I did toggle lanes a bit and I didn’t clench the wheel like I was going to die any minute. 😂 Saturday on my third trip I started getting confidence. I drove well and anxiety was much lower. This Saturday will be my 4th trip driving there bringing her home for the summer. ( Hubby drives home ) I have to say I never thought in my life I would drive on highways 🛣 for long trips to another state. I feel very accomplished and proud of myself. This is also brought on by me getting my alcohol under control. Living in a fog is no fun at all, glad I got my ass out of it!

I have been posting lately without over correcting my posts. I tend to over correct and then get frustrated with how much time I’m taking trying to share my thoughts with you all. I’ve decided to just go with it more.

Have a kick ass day everyone! 😍 Thank you for reading!!

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