The elderly and me.

I have written about my elderly neighbor Arnold who I essentially adopted as my Grampa. He was a widow with only 1 son that barely came around to help him. My girls and I got real close to him. He passed 6 years ago and the last thing he said is “I love you.”

Backing up the truck before that I took care of my hubby’s Gramma. She lived next door. Got super close to her, did a lot for her just like Arnold and when she passed, I was devastated. Both people lived long lives and it was “their time” to go when they did.

After losing both of them I said I have to take a break from helping out the elderly, it’s just so hard when they pass. It’s also VERY time consuming. I do have 2 elderly clients so I’m not completely away from them.

Then a good friend asked if I could take on another elderly client. His wife passed of cancer and he needs help getting his house back on track and then keep it good. I thought long and hard and said yes. Frank was on me like glue instantly. He was 78 when I first met him but active and fluent with a smartphone. That led to him texting me daily. I brought him meals, had frequent lunches/dinners with him….etc…He is now 82. About 6 months ago he met a sweet lady who is a widow as well. This has lead to a reduction in texting, ( about every few days he texts now ) and a much happier old fella. I still have lunch with him every week and Phyllis joins us. I also see him weekly for cleaning his house. Us three share recipes and puzzles. Phyllis now texts me as well. It’s just perfect.

My hubby’s other Gramma turned 95 yesterday. She still lives by herself but in an apartment with other older people. I visit her frequently, bring meals to her and such like that. Wednesday I brought her a pulled pork sandwich, salt potatoes and Mac n cheese from our local BBQ place. She sure does love getting food! 😂❤️

Lastly I also have a client I’ve had for 15 years. Her hubby passed just before COVID hit. She’s 83 and doing well living by herself at home. She’s got a daughter that helps her when needed but her daughter does come and go from Florida. I bring her yummy things like goodies from her local bakery and such as her daughter makes sure she has meals. Yesterday she told me her daughter went back to FL for 10 days and she has no nighttime snacks as her local store was out of Perry’s fudge pops. ( her favorite and it has to be Perry’s. 😂 ) Of course I found some after work and brought them to her. She was so thankful and it just made my day. ❤️

So holy hell I wrote a lot and it takes forever on my phone. 🤣 Anyway, I don’t think I will ever be taking a break from helping the elderly. They just find me and immediately we bond. Right now I have Frank, Phyllis, Dorothy and Marilyn. We are a fun group where I can be totally me and they never judge.

Also not to forget I had a wonderful and sweet Gramma of my own that passed 8 years ago or so. She was the staple of me now always hanging out with the elderly. I was always doing stuff with my Gramma from childhood all the way up to her passing. I keep her spirit going when I spend time with the elderly. She would be so happy and proud. My parents adopted me at 3 1/2 months old and my Gramma looked at me like this from baby to adult. ❤️

Thanks for reading about my ramble bamble of my Gramma and the elderly! XO Jackie

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8 Responses to The elderly and me.

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    I think it’s great you’re able to help out many of the elderly in your community, Jackie! Like you said it works both ways on the joy received.😊

  2. gr8ful_collette says:

    Precious picture! You are a gift and a blessing to the lives you touch. Such an important calling and one so very needed these days. The bonus is that it blesses you too! Beautiful!

  3. Yes! So glad you are!

  4. Jackie I can’t even love this enough!! You are so good hearted and they are lucky to have you in their lives. I especially like the 80 year old widower finding love ❤ I always find myself talking to older people too – my first job at 14 was serving food in a retirement community and I grew quite attached to some of those people!

    • That’s awesome that was your first job! Yeah Frank met her by chance and they both needed each other. He’s had his wife pass and after that their 3 dogs. ( all were senior dogs ) It’s great to see him smiling again. I think it’s so much easier to talk to older people. I can be my quirky self and they love it! 😆❤️

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