What a week!

Hello friends! It’s a beautiful, but cold Sunday morning here. It’s sunny so I’ll take it! I’ve had a trying week but never gave up and kept trudging along.

Beautiful sunrise today. This is the old farmhouse across the street.

Hubby has been out of town all week. There was a sudden death in his family so he’s there for emotional and physical help with things. Here’s things that really frustrated me this week:

1. Back brakes went quick on my car. Metal on metal currently. So now I’m driving around with loud as F@ck brakes and gearing down the engine to use the brakes less. 😫

2. I fell on the ice this past Sunday right on my tailbone. This has made for intense pain all week. Work was a killer and I can’t do my weights. I have continued with yoga and just compromised when I couldn’t do something. Quite frustrating, but I didn’t give up. 🤕💪

3. Had flash flooding here and had to go down in the basement and ensure all was on pallets. All of our major stuff is as we are not new to it flooding but the last few months things have been put down there haphazardly. Found a solid long and HEAVY pallet and had my daughter help me put it where I wanted it to stack stuff on it. She accidentally dropped it right in the top of my foot. It hurt so bad I had tears in my eyes. Huge bruise and bump now makes it hard to wear sneakers. Very frustrating at work as well. 🤕😫

Woke up to this sign on my road and knew the basement would have water. Good thing I prepared for it though!

It seems every time hubby goes out of town, shit happens. Frustrating however I had great bonding time with my daughter who is a senior. We had a fun dinner eating out one night and spent lots of time together every evening. I got all the shit done that needed to be done. I worked through all the pain I had. ( I own my own cleaning business. ) I went to the auto parts store and bought new back brake pads that will be put on when hubby gets home. ( He can do that. )

And finally, once again all these things I was able to do because I didn’t drink my week away! Ef-Yeah! Now to be clear I am not completely sober. I do drink here and there but it’s controlled and I can go long periods without even thinking of it. I will continue to keep making progress on that but it’s absolutely fulfilling and exciting with all the progress I have made!

I feel strong, I am strong and I will continue to keep getting stronger. 💪💪💪 I’m really enjoying….me! ❤️

Thanks for reading! 😍 Jackie

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12 Responses to What a week!

  1. Lovie Price says:

    Thats a lot to deal with. You can do it! keep on keepin’ on and tap into that strong mindset of yours!

    • Thanks Lovie! I’ll admit I had one day I wanted to cry. Tailbone hurts to do anything and those brakes….but I decided to just go to bed early and start on a new day. I can’t wait to be able to get back at my weights though. 1 week from the fall and it’s still so so sore. 🙄 Like you said though, I’ve got to keep that mindset! Thanks for the encouragement! ❤️

  2. gr8ful_collette says:

    Ouch! What a week! Look at you being strong and finding silver linings! Hugs to you. 💛🌟

  3. msnewleaf says:

    Ow! The tailbone is the worst!

    • OMG YES!!! One week in and I still can’t bend over with terrible pain! Wakes me up at night too. 🙄 I do see some improvement so hoping that keeps going for this coming week! 🙏🏻

  4. What everyone else said!

  5. Gosh Jacqui – you are amazing! I hope it all stops hurting soon 💕💕

    • Thank you so much! 😊 That tailbone of mine is still hurting however it is less than last week so hoping it keeps getting better. I’ve heard a tailbone injury can last a long time.

  6. Dwight Hyde says:

    Definitely a tough week! Hang in there and hope you aren’t still hurting.

    • Thanks Dwight! Tailbone is a killer still! Making it through work is rough. My yoga is getting tough and I keep hurting the tailbone doing it so I took a break this week from it and see how that goes. Kinda bummy about that as I was making tons of progress but I tell myself, it’s just a break Jackie. I’ll be back kicking ass and owning my days! I think I just need to give the tailbone a rest, as frustrating as that is. I sure hope things are going well your way my friend!

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