Early Saturday morning

Well it’s 5:30am on a Saturday morning. I’m enjoying my coffee and watching some tv before work. Thought I’d share some of my thoughts.

Tomorrow is the end of week three of my newest no alcohol gig that I’m doing with my husband. Going strong and I’ve lost 3lbs! I feel good inside and out. Last night I wrapped presents and made me and hubby a fun mocktail. It was just a berry La Criox, ice, cherries and some cherry juice. The fun part is eating the 🍒 at the end.

Tree is up and decorated. Had to take 2 1/2 feet off the top and trim side branches but I love it! I convinced hubby to cut nodules in the bottom branches ( so it would fit in the stand ) instead of removing the entire branch. The tree originally was 10 feet tall. Didn’t look that big when it was outside before we cut it down. 😂 No wonder hubby was trying to discourage me from really wanting that tree. 😂 🌲 Anyway, I ❤️ it!

I got my COVID booster yesterday. My arm is killing me this morning. Hubby’s arm is just fine. 🙄😂

Oldest is home from college and still staying on the Dean’s list. The scholarship she was offered was the accelerated program in finance. She will receive her Masters degree in just 4 years. It’s a heavier workload and she pretty much has to stay on the Dean’s list to keep receiving this scholarship, but what a great thing to achieve in just 4 years! She was the Valedictorian of her high school class as well helping her receive this scholarship. I love her being home. ❤️ 🏠

Youngest daughter that is a senior in high school just got her report card. Her average this marking period is 99.5! She’s usually on the low 90’s and is super excited for her highest average yet! This weekend is filing for FASFA and then applying to the colleges she wants to go to. ✔️

So that’s a wrap! Have a great weekend guys and thanks so much for reading my little blog!! 🥰

XO. Jackie

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12 Responses to Early Saturday morning

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Love your Saturday mornings news! Glad the girls are doing so well and your tree looks great. A major part of Christmas is just having everyone home and being together. I’m going to miss my Allie, but I’m happy for her for getting out in the world and doing her own thing. One of the presents I sent her was my favorite old flannel shirt. I told her when she’s feeling down to put it on and head out on a drive with some good tunes. We’d do that often together running the backroads to find new adventures. .. anyways. On another note, I was thinking of buying some La Criox. Had it at my brothers last summer and really liked it. My go to treat now is ginger ale and feeling I have to mix it up with something new. Hope your arm feels better soon Jackie, and you’ll be able to take some time off from work and hang with the fam. YOU DESERVE A GOOD BREAK😊💯💫✨🎄🎁❤️

    • Awwww that is the sweetest gift EVER!! It made me tear up a bit. Seriously as a daddy’s girl myself, she will cherish that forever!! ❤️ My dad does sweet things like that and he’s now 77 years old and I love him more each day.
      I started with the LaCroix a long time ago and it took me a bit to really like it. Now, I love my favorite flavors and love getting them each week! Ginger ale just simply RULES! My favorite kind is Canada Dry.
      Currently I’m helping my senior make cookies to take to her boyfriends family tomorrow. I know they will turn out good and they will love she made them.
      I will sure be thinking of you missing your Allie. The bond you two have has no boundaries!!
      I truly love hearing from you. You are a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve and there is nothing better than that!! I am better knowing you.

    • La Croix with a bit of juice and a splash of apple cider vinegar – my go to mocktail!! And healthy!

  2. Love this!! Congrats to your girls! I don’t know if a major in Finance translates to an interest in Personal Finance, but my favorite book on this topic for young people is Quit Like A Millionaire. I would be happy to send it as a gift!

    • She wants to be a financial advisor! Would that apply to the book you love? You are such a sweet person! So glad to know you!!! 😚

      • That’s cool. I really wanted to do that at one point too and decided against it. Most of the profession is very sales-y and you are basically taking a cut of people’s investments – and study after study has shown that an advisor trading your money around won’t make you any more than if you just stick it in an index fund. That said, an advisor can be very useful if you are trying to figure out how to retire and set up your retirement income streams in the most tax efficient way. The book I recommended is about how to make smart financial decisions when you are young so you can retire early and live off your investments. It touches on things like how to choose a career and whether or not buying a house is worth it, along with how to actually invest your money.

      • Yeah she/we know a couple financial advisors that have offered her internships. Right now she seems pretty set on it however majoring in finance and really liking to work with numbers leaves her with many open opportunities. 😃 I’m excited to see her future career choice!

  3. gr8ful_collette says:

    What a big, beautiful tree! Enjoy the holidays with your family! Love and light to you. 🌟❤️

  4. Congratulations to your girls, AND you!
    I love your tree!
    Merry Christmas. Jacquelyn!

  5. Love this update ,♡♡ beautiful tree too

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