Good morning! This showed up in my Facebook memories and nothing could be more relevant within me currently. I think it showed up for a reason.

This is definitely my second job. I really do feel we have to create our own happiness. It’s work, but work much more rewarding than a paycheck. ☺️

My hard work is paying off as I’m crushing goals and feeling much inside happiness.

Well just a quick blog as I wanted to share my Facebook memory! Have a kick ass day to you all! 😃😍😃

Oh and My phone as a new emoji when it updated a few days ago. This is the new one I love using so sending it your way too!

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8 Responses to Truth

  1. Love it!
    And I love you!

  2. So awesome!! Great to hear it! You crush it girl, and inspire us all to do the same 🙂 Today I’m finishing my last day of real estate class and gonna do some strength training tonight.
    p.s. You should visit Wendy and I in MN sometime.

    • That’s so awesome that today is your last day of class! You are crushing it too! Visiting you and Wendy would be totally awesome! Something to think about after hopefully this Covid stops rising again. Here in NY we are back to masks everywhere. I’m so thankful for you both!!! 😍😍😍

  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    And in this corner … THE CRUSHER!! Nice job Jackie😊

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