Goooood morning!

This was my thought this morning when the alarm went off at 5am. 😂 However I am awake now with my coffee and feeling great!

Last week I didn’t do any of my little workouts. I guess I said “Eff a workout toooooo!” 🐓 But…I am back on track this week!

Did grocery shopping Sunday morning and couldn’t find the Bob Evans potato’s section. Then when I spotted them I went right up to a guy in Walmart and pointed and said “The Bob Evans are over there!” Then he fully turned around and looked at me and it wasn’t my husband. Then I hear My husband dying laughing. 😂 😆🤣 Oooppsssss… I just saw a bald head and went with it…. Lordy. 😆

I’ll end this randomness on a personal accomplishment note. We just took our daughter back to college Saturday for her finals this week. It’s 5 hours one way. I never drive on trips or such where there’s long highway driving. Gets my anxiety going bad. Well I told myself I need to start so my husband isn’t doing all the driving, it’s too much as we make many trips there and go there and back in the same day. Soooo, Saturday was my third trip driving to college. The first trip I mostly stayed in the slow lane and was full of anxiety. Second trip I did toggle lanes a bit and I didn’t clench the wheel like I was going to die any minute. 😂 Saturday on my third trip I started getting confidence. I drove well and anxiety was much lower. This Saturday will be my 4th trip driving there bringing her home for the summer. ( Hubby drives home ) I have to say I never thought in my life I would drive on highways 🛣 for long trips to another state. I feel very accomplished and proud of myself. This is also brought on by me getting my alcohol under control. Living in a fog is no fun at all, glad I got my ass out of it!

I have been posting lately without over correcting my posts. I tend to over correct and then get frustrated with how much time I’m taking trying to share my thoughts with you all. I’ve decided to just go with it more.

Have a kick ass day everyone! 😍 Thank you for reading!!

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12 Responses to Goooood morning!

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Oh you’re cracking me up this morning, Jackie! Love it especially Wally World. Good for you for driving more. Keep it up. I’ve heard so many stories of women slowly stop driving as they get older and then it really limits your activities and freedom. What’s on the docket today for a workout?

    • Hehehe! I woke up in a great mood today despite the never ending rain we have been having. This is the second straight week of rain everyday. I love that you call Walmart Wally World too!!! We do the very same and call it that more than Walmart. Always something crazy going on there. 😂🤣 This morning I did three sets of jumping jacks, push ups, crunches and lunges. When I get home I’m going to run 1 mile on the treadmill. 1 mile goes by quick on work days! 😃 Hope you are having a great day!

  2. sobrietytree says:

    Hey gal, all this sounds awesome. 🎉🙌 🤗 Well done! Amazing how we can do things we couldn’t before, when we get back to our true selves. Much love to you xoxoxo 💗

    • Thanks so much Nadine! You are so right because if I hadn’t gotten control of my drinking I never would have found my true self and made new goals like driving! 🎯

  3. 5 hours each way that is insanity!!!! Good for you! On the not over-editing posts too 😉

    • sobrietytree says:

      I agree on that as well — over-editing is crazy-making!! Blogging as a hobby should be mostly fun, or not done at all. Looking back, my favourite posts are mostly the ones I hardly touched afterwards but just wrote straight through. xoxo

      • I wanted to die! Especially when the guy looked at me like WTF and then I hear my husband dying laughing. 🤣 I said “Ooops sorry!” And got out of there.

    • It sure is!!! Plus she wasn’t supposed to be coming and going from home so much either. This pandemic has taken a toll on everything for sure. Hope things open up ( including simple things like college dining halls ) for next semester. All they have been having on campus is a food truck with like sandwiches and etc….and it’s all take back to your room. Activities cancelled, no shuttle busses to anywhere except if it’s school related. They used to offer a shuttle bus to say to get your prescriptions or to get to the store for more dorm food….not at all anymore. Crazy! Since there was virtual learning many kids went home a lot.

  4. sobrietytree says:

    p.s. That shop story — so cute 😆

  5. msnewleaf says:

    I love that you aren’t editing yourself. You, unedited, are pretty great!! And you are a hero mom. ❤️

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