Mornings and Oreo’s

Not sure yet if I will stop at just two…😆

Good morning! This morning I felt the need to have Oreo’s and milk after consuming my normal breakfast. Meh….I’m happy, I’m going with it. 🤷‍♀️

Last night I got my second COVID shot. Within 3 hours I had bad pain in that arm but that’s okay, I did for the last shot as well. Woke up every half hour last night with all over pain/aches. 4 Ibuprofen does take it down a notch I am able to work today thankfully. It’s rough though, it hurts to even brush my hair. So….hence the cookies. I felt I needed them this particular morning.

I was also thinking I’m so glad I’m not at the point where the “Oh I shouldn’t drink around my COVID shot time” thinking would start and then most likely cave. I can’t imagine how I feel today compounded with alcohol.

I heard this song on the radio this morning and I remember back when I used to drink nightly I’d play music in my ear buds and “really connect with the lyrics and the singer.” Here’s a chorus to a song I would play a lot:

You’re the only thing that gets me high
And I hate it, and I hate it (Woah)
You’re the only thing that gets me high
And I hate it, and I hate it
(Woah, woah, woah, woah)

I would blast it and connect with it. I would think “Oh yeah he really understands how I feel.” Well what a rut I was in! I wasn’t doing anything to get out of that rut. Finally I was like “What the hell Jackie your going to just keep this viscous cycle going? Where is it getting you?”

So after much hard work and many failed attempts I am here and doing awesome! As I listened to that song this morning I am sitting here with my Oreo’s and milk very thankful I turned my sinking ship around!

Much love to you all for helping me!


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14 Responses to Mornings and Oreo’s

  1. And much love to YOU for helping ME! I feel like I am here with all of the tools, knowledge, and support to get out of my rut and May is the month I’m finally going to make real progress. That’s the plan anyway!!

    • That’s awesome! May is a great month to start I think because we are finally starting to get out of this long winter crappy weather rut. I seem to do better when my spirits are better! May is definitely your month, I know it! 💪🏻😃Whatever your progress is, progress is progress I say! Thanks for your awesome comment!

  2. I echo what SVM says. Thank you for helping us all. Absolutely love oreos. ♡♡

  3. bluebird487 says:

    Oreos and milk in a cute mug sounds like a great way to celebrate vaccination! What song are the lyrics from? I echo the sentiments – thank you, your shares and success are helpful and inspiring – way to go!

    • Hey you! The lyrics are from a band called Underoath and the song is called I hate it. I’m so glad I am helping and inspiring others! I sure hope you are doing well!! ❤️ At least I did stop at 2 cookies since I had already eaten a breakfast! 🤣

  4. sobrietytree says:

    You are wonderful Jackie. 💗 I have been eating way too many sweets truth be told!!! :)) Much love xoxoxo

    • So are you my dear friend! 😍❤️😍❤️ I e been really craving chocolate lately! I sure hope all is wel with you and as always, I lovey your comments! 😘

      • sobrietytree says:

        Thank you so much lovely. I love your replies!!! ❤️ I had a huge piece of Nanaimo Bar today plus an ice cream cone with the kids and fig newtons!!! 😩😂 But I am well thanks, 11.5-ish weeks now. Also full-time working. 🎉💗:)) I will post something at some point maybe. :)) xoxox

  5. Lovie Price says: i want oreos! good to have that comfort food to fall back on sometimes:)

    • They were so good and I did stop at two so it was perfect! ( even though I had already eaten a breakfast .) 😂 Since I am lactose intolerant I dipped them in vanilla almond milk. 😋

  6. Yay on second shot!
    And cookies!
    Love you, honey!

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