Mindset is the key. ( Well let’s hope! )

I started off my fitness journey strong. Then I had to have umbilical hernia surgery. That left me 6 weeks no working out.

Ok. Fine.

Next I got bursitis in my knee. Stopped running and after 2 weeks it got better. Still a bump with fluid though but no pain thus far. Haven’t ran since, have done elliptical.

Ok. Fine.

Next I get “rib flare.” I totally think I was overcompensating for my core due to the hernia surgery and got this. Looked it up and started core exercises totally related to this.

Ok. Fine.

Now ribs are tender and hurt to the touch. Even had bruising. Working out makes it hurt worse. Doctor appointment Wednesday. Something is wrong…..yet again….

Ok. Now. Getting. Annoyed.

So I’m going to continue working out until Wednesday. I bet I get taken away from it, yet again. Why can’t things just go smoothly? I’m bettering myself for Freaking God’s sake.

Mindset. Kicks. In.

Focus Daniel Son. ( Karate Kid ) Every obstacle you have encountered you have conquered. I will get through this.

💪🔥✔️💯% Thanks for reading, I appreciate it! Jackie

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6 Responses to Mindset is the key. ( Well let’s hope! )

  1. msnewleaf says:

    I’m so sorry. Your body will figure it out. It sounds like you’re doing all of the right things.

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    You definitely will, Jackie! The strength and determination you have blows me away. You Radiate so much light and energy that those f’n ailments don’t stand a chance!!!

  3. You got this, Jackie! All or something – there will always be ‘something’ you can do to keep progressing and maintaining what you have built so far. 💞

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