Late Sunday night

It’s way later than I would normally be up on a Sunday night. I’ve had an eventful day.

Worked until 12:30pm and then had my parents over at 2pm. My husband cooked them dinner ( first time ever ) and I cleaned house and cleaned before dinner and after. I really appreciated him cooking dinner. He has just started to cook recipes from a website he found and is doing great!

My parents are a bit of a trigger for drinking. I won’t go into the details ( I do love them so ) and I had to really breathe a few times however, I never once wanted to drink.

I enjoyed my sober time with them. They are 78 & 80 years old. This is important. My dad said how proud he is of me for working out and I knew he also meant my severe reduction in alcohol. His hug and smile will keep me moving forward.

They left about 8:30pm, it’s 11pm and I’m finally done with my “down time.” ( I had kitchen clean up and such ) My girls were chatting with me and I was so tired but they are only home for a week from college until the summer. I’ll take all I can get.

Heading to bed feeling good, accomplished, my heart is full and grateful. Will wake up tomorrow a bit tired but I would not trade it for the world.

I’m so glad for today.

❤️ Jackie

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10 Responses to Late Sunday night

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Great way to start the week with a heart that is full, a hug, and your dad proud of you. Keep shining on, Jackie🤗

  2. I am so so glad for your day, Jackie! It is so good to feel the pride of one’s parents. 🤗💞 You deserve it. You have stayed so committed to getting and staying sober and fit. 💪👍 I am proud of you, too Jackie and so proud that I have a friend of your caliber. 🌞💓

    • Thanks so much Anne!! Accomplishment is surely the best feeling and I have a great streak going! I feel the VERY same about you! I’m just a better person knowing you! I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to seeing you each day! Thanks so much for all your encouragement and friendship! ❤️😍🤩

  3. (Today’s comment is brought to you by the word ‘so’) 🤦

  4. Lovie Price says:

    it’s great to feel like that, isnt it? i am so happy when i get to spend quality time with family ( in spite of our differences). Congrats on staying committed to your goals – you inspire me!

  5. msnewleaf says:

    What a lovely, inspiring post! Thanks for sharing. ❤️

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