Thanksgiving thoughts

Hello! I sure hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We went to my husbands sisters for the first time. My goals this year are not to drink on the holidays. I’ve conquered some and then not some, but never all. I’m mentally there this year. I didn’t drink yesterday and actually had “fun” watching others get tipsy. So glad that wasn’t me!

I came home and there was an envelope on the door. My “third child” dropped off this sweet card.

Long story short she has been a kid that when she was 12/13 years old she has been coming over. She lived ( she had her own bedroom ) at our house her senior year and then moved back in after her mom passed of cancer. She went off to college and got her bachelors degree and is living with her boyfriend now and working away. We have lost touch just a little. We text but haven’t got back together to spend time with each other. A lot of it was COVID too, but time to make that getting together happen.

Having an 18 year old move in after her mom passed of cancer was full of ups and downs. She doesn’t have a present father. Mourning the death of her mom resulted in sadness, hatred, jealousy of a full family, etc. definitely wasn’t an easy time for all. She has apologized for all and we are moving on. That situation was just rough for everyone. We apologized to her if we did anything to upset her. I mean we went over and beyond for her but maybe inadvertently we had done something….Last year she made this for my family. I just love it.

Anyway, little things like this are just touching. Makes me thankful for all the good and bad times, and now to build our relationship back up. The card is priceless and she’s a girl that if she takes time for a card like that, it’s from the heart. ❤️ Perfect ending to a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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6 Responses to Thanksgiving thoughts

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    This made me smile. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, Jackie❤️

  2. I sure hope you did too! Cleaning like mad for my side of the family Tomorrow!! Everyone is asleep but I’m excited because I don’t have to wake up for anything tomorrow but putting the turkey in! Will be a fun, sober Thanksgiving!!

  3. Ainsobriety says:

    You must have a huge heart. That is so lovely,

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