Another update! LORD!!

So as humbled and annoyed I am to say, I did NOT make Thanksgiving sober. I was all set and we even had alcohol here. My husband decided to remove the alcohol for me. This sent me into a tissy!

I’m the type of girl where if you tell her not to do something. She does it twice with pictures.

For me, he ruined my game plan and I decided to fight back. Yep, I drank. Not stupid drinking but I did. I’m not proud of it.

Today we took our oldest back to college. We talked on the way home. I explained my frustration. I told him my new goal. He’s so supportive and was all for it! I really appreciate him and he was good about knowing why I was so defiant on Thanksgiving.

So he is excitingly willing to do no alcohol until at LEAST Christmas. Short goals are good for me. I’m so just done with the frustration of it all, but also surprised with his willingness to go along. Maybe I never shared that with him all this fully?

If anyone know me, you know I will keep moving forward! It’s what I do. Excited that I actually have my husbands back on this.

It is VERY hard to admit, even to your best friend of over 30 years.

I feel with his back, I can just plow through anything.

Thank you for always being there for me!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanksgiving was good and sober, just didn’t make it through my Saturday family Thanksgiving. Ugh

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15 Responses to Another update! LORD!!

  1. Hey Jackie! It’s so good you can talk to your husband more about this! I was hesitant at first too, different situation because our relationship was still new-ish, but …. it’s hard to talk about because you never want someone to think you have a drinking PROBLEM, right?! Then if you decide to have drinks one night you might be getting the side eye, are you sure you should be doing that?! Yay for a month off before x-mas 🙂

    • You just read my mind!!! I didn’t want to admit I have a problem to him! I can admit it to you all but it’s been hard with him. He’s been so sweet and supportive, nothing I could have imagined. I figured when I told him everything would go south. I told him today about my support group here and I’m also telling you all my update. ( no, he can’t see anything on WP lol ) I do feel a bit of a failure that it’s literally been 2 years and I still have relapsed. Good God! THANK YOU so much for being there for me!! I appreciate you more than you know!! ❤️

      • Please don’t say “failure” or “relapse” – do you use these words when you miss an exercise day or eat ice cream? Nobody can be perfectly healthy all the time! Another thought on “telling people” – I’ve found that it is much more comfortable for me to say things like “I’ve realized in the past couple years that even a moderate amount of drinking leaves me feeling icky so it’s just barely worth it to do it anymore. Once in awhile it sounds fun, so I do, but I usually regret it” …. This is the truth anyway, and MANY people can relate to it!

      • Good thinking and very true! I’m feeling much better today after talking to my hubby and getting a good nights sleep. We had a long day yesterday. Today I definitely chose other words for sure. I know I can do this! Thanks for always being here!!! ❤️

  2. HigherTimesMentalHealth says:

    Falling short of perfection does not make you a “failure”

  3. Thank you so much! It’s hard not to be so hard on yourself however I will start feeling better about myself once I get going on my no alcohol streak again.

  4. Dwight Hyde says:

    The “A” Team! Love it, that’s key.😊

  5. gr8ful_collette says:

    I’m glad you got to talk things through with your husband. It goes so much better when you’re on the same page. Husband, while trying to be helpful, kind of enabled you to do your thing (in your mind gave you a reason). Glad you are walking forward together!

    • Thank you so much! ❤️ I really feel good about this and he is very excited as well! I also feel better after talking to him. He has no problem not drinking which is very helpful!

  6. Ainsobriety says:

    I’m sorry.
    It sounds like your family is supportive and that this would be a good change for you.
    That is a blessing. Accept their support. Do it now, while it isn’t full of drama and problems. Some day it could be.
    I always am grateful I quit before that. I know others who end up with duis, children who don’t speak to them, divorces, unemployment, health issues.
    Responsible,professional people.

    Best to leave the booze.

    Ann e

    • You are so correct that I am blessed to have such a supportive family. I’m glad that I was able to sit down and talk to him, he listened and understood why he upset me. Now we are moving forward together. It feels really good! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment, I really appreciate it!!

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