Dry January completed!

Well, I completed dry January! I do not think I have gone a month without alcohol probably ever since I started drinking in my early 20’s, and I’m 47 now! I could go on and on all the changes I have made mentally on my thoughts on alcohol, but most all of you are familiar with them already. ( I think most here are ahead of me and have already gone through the first 30 days )

Two big things I want to share are I was using alcohol for so many not needed reasons. The biggest obstacles to overcome were wanting a drink when stressy and overall habitual drinking. ( Like “Oh I’m done work, worked hard so deserve a drink!” daily thoughts ) ( Or drinking while cooking, and I cook a lot! ) Totally had to tell myself no, A LOT the first week! Second week got better and by end of January, I wasn’t thinking of it much at all! I say much at all because I still did have some trigger times I thought of a nice rum and coke. Yep~I’m a rum and coke girl, not a wine girl. LOL!!

I also want to mention I was looking very “puffy” in my body but mostly my face. That has left and I am so happy about that! I look and feel so much better overall!

Anywho, wanted to blog and say thank you to all my WP friends for being there for me with the support I needed to carry on! I see most make another non-drinking goal however I am going to go day by day for now. My thinking has been forever changed and I feel very positive currently.

Oh and one more thing~I was quite surprised what a cheery/funny personality I have without alcohol! One time when I was done talking and laughing I actually thought to myself “Wow Jackie, you are cheery, funny and likable WITHOUT alcohol!” It made me quite happy!!!

Thanks again WP friends! ❤


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17 Responses to Dry January completed!

  1. clairei47 says:

    Awesome job Jackie my lovely friend. You did it!!!! Plus all the time you were sober before the new year too! It doesn’t matter how long this is for, what matters is you have seen and experienced the positive changes first hand and are going to carry on day my day being kind to yourself. Fantastic to read how good you feel and YES to keeping on keeping on!
    Love Claire ❤️😘

    • Thanks soooo much!! I didn’t mention it but you do know about my sober pre-January times! It’s such a work in progress however this past month I really feel confident in myself! You are always so supportive and I appreciate you so much! Much love to you and I’m greateful for your friendship! ❤❤❤ Oh and yes…let’s keep keep, keeping on and on together!!

  2. Well done!
    Now you know how wonderful it can be!

  3. Jim Simmonds says:

    Well done Jackie. It’s a real eye opener isn’t it when you realise you can have fun without alcohol. Speaking personally I’d say I’m having MORE fun now without the booze than I was before. Good on you . Jim x

  4. Jim Simmonds says:

    Ah that’s nice of you to say👍 Jim x

  5. Well done! 👏👏👏 Sounds like you’ve really got into it – the non puffy face is a big motivator for me too! Worth keeping xx

  6. Lovie Price says:

    woot woot! congrats and kudos! the first 30 are both eye opening and tough. But you did it!! i do hope u decide to stay quit but as most above will agree, a blip in the radar does not equal a failure or relapse( or anything other than a fresh opportunity)…took most of us a few tries! One thing i will mention, should you decide to continue- as with ANY goal- it’s a mind set. I had to change my thinking from “i deserve a drink ( or cigarette)” to ” i deserve to be sober and smoke free!”.. right now my new goal is the weight loss….so my motto is “i deserve to be fit and healthy”- instead of “i deserve that large slice of cake”…hugs, friend!!

    • I could not agree more! Will remember that for sure!! Hugs right backatchya!!!! 😀 One thing that did help me a lot was when I was thinking of a drink ( trigger times and mostly the first couple weeks ) was to ask myself “What do you really want?” Every time, a drink wasn’t what I really wanted.

  7. sobrietytree says:

    Wow this is fabulous!!! Huge congrats and big hugs Jackie. 🎉🙌💖💗🤗🌻🔆

    • Thank you so much Nadine!!! I have been thinking of you a lot and hoping you are doing okay!
      Your comment made me smile today! We have a bad snowstorm here but I had to go to work due to bills. It was so stressful driving to and from. I was really mad that I couldn’t just stay home with the kids as there was a school day. I made it home and am not mad anymore due to your comment! Thank you for helping me de-stress!! ❤❤❤😍😍😍🍕
      The last emoji is because I want pizza. 😂

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