Ho-hum, ho-Hum I’m glad the weekend is close to come!

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve started them, but then thought they were so boring and no new revelations or amazing-ness. I’ve been daily stressed to the most I’ve been in a long time. My circumstances aren’t changeable at all right now either. I have to hope for the best and keep trying my best, even though it’s a tough road to travel sometimes.

I believe this stress/worry has caused the onset of eczema. ( I read it can. )  I’ve had it on my face for awhile. I cover it up daily. It has now popped up throughout my body and it is horrible to itch and hurt all day. I also have right constant arm pain daily, couple nights ago it went numb down to my fingertips, but I’m certain it’s due to my job. Hoping that goes away. I feel just “off” lately but I have no insurance to go to the doctor for any tests or blood work, it is all out of pocket. Oh yeah, and financially I can’t afford that either.

Yesterday was actually a good day. I got this eczema approved (CeraVe) bar soap, lotion and face wash. ( $25 that needed to go elsewhere. ) My facial redness decreased after my shower and my acidic acne that popped out this week looks better. I’m hoping all over the eczema will keep getting better now. My cold sore is getting much better too, about gone.  I had a good night after work. I chatted happily with my husband. It was nice.

I have been thinking of alcohol a lot this week. Just can’t shake it. I drink when I’m cheery but mostly drink when stressed. I did not drink one drop, but man it is such a struggle this week! So annoying to deal with because I came close to giving in. I had every excuse run through my head it was a fine, justified idea.

……But I drove by that liquor store each time aft work and came home and will do that again today….

My goal in this was to not daily drink nor turn to alcohol to stress drink. Clearly It’s still a struggle. Good God this is taking forever.

Anywho, I am going to do my best to have a happy weekend after work today. I feel much better today! 😊 I only have to stop into work briefly Saturday so will basically have the weekend off. You all keep me inspired to keep going towards that light the end of this tunnel! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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8 Responses to Ho-hum, ho-Hum I’m glad the weekend is close to come!

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Don’t worry about writing amazing-ness shhhtuff : ) Just write especially when you’re stressed. That’s why we’re all here…good, bad, and ugly. Definitely, no fun when you’re having health and stress issues! I’m feeling for you. I get it that the damn alcohol dragon likes to hover doing those periods. You’re doing frickin great fighting it off and it sounded like you’re turning the corner. Hang in there, Jackie! Each time you get through these bouts you’re getting stronger. The mind and body connection to alcohol gets weaker. Do something nice for yourself this weekend – you deserve it.

    • Dwight-I cannot thank you enough!! I read your comment earlier today and it gave me that boost to get through the workday and fly by that liquor store with a smile on my face! I really needed that comment and it came at the perfect time!! I’m feeling really good tonight and looking forward to this weekend! You guys are the best and I’m lucky I can reach out for all your support!! Thank you, thank you!!

  2. clairei47 says:

    I found 6 to 8 weeks sober a really challenging time. I felt bored with it all and it all just seemed a bit never ending. Although things don’t become magically easier, I think it starts to feel more ‘normal’ and as Dwight days, you are less drawn to drinking when something triggers, like stress. You are doing brilliantly and as someone that used to differ with eczema.. all over my face and hands … I understand how debilitating it can be. Sore, irritating and itchy! I hope it improves soon xxx

    • Hey You!! Thank you so very much for this comment! You nailed it on the 6-8 week period! I am so glad I commented because it’s so great to have such relatable friends! You just get what I’m thinking! I am doing really good tonight and my spirits are up. Ahhhhhh….it’s so refreshing! It’s a whole lot of work but I guess near 30 years of the same coping measures would take a lot to change. Thank you for saying I’m doing brilliantly, that put a big smile on my face!!
      …I’m sorry you have had the eczema suffering! I hope it’s doesn’t return for ya! It’s so frustrating!! I really hope these products keep working!
      … I also am thinking of you and hoping you are smiling and will have a good weekend, you sure have made mine awesome!! Thank you!!!!

      • clairei47 says:

        Sounds like things are on the up. This rollercoaster is an interesting ride for sure! Hard work but then the good times are really great. Personally a great day sober beats any great day drinking so far!! Xxx

  3. msnewleaf says:

    Stress and feeling crappy is such a trigger for me, too. Hang in there!

    • Thank you so much!! I’m so glad I posted this today for all your support! These comments make me more confident to keep preserving on, and have relieved some stress! 😍 Hope you have a good weekend and glad you are on WP!!

  4. Jim Simmonds says:

    You are at a tricky stage that so many of us went through. You are getting through those moments though which is great and it really will be worth it. Well done. Jim x

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