I’ve got shit I didn’t think I could.

Today after work as I’m cleaning my pellet stove I got thinking…..

There was a time I relied on my husband for everything. I was very insecure in all areas.

His uncle offered him a job opportunity, which didn’t pan out. I voiced I did not think it would but totally supported my husband in helping our family. He had a lot of unpaid vacations to use.

It was overseas. First time he left for 1.5weeks. Second time, 3.5 weeks.

I did not want to tackle it all on myself for 1.5 weeks but I had to. Then came the almost a full month.

At that time we had 2 girls in sports, a horse, 4 bunnies and a senior dog with issues. Everything has an issue here it seems. Country living. Water heater, horse or something. Our horse was old and fell a lot and I had to bandaged him and treat him a lot. ( with help of his Vet ) but I always knew before my husband was here. oh and then COVID hit and I was so scared I would not have money for food and food for our animals….next thought…

Well, before annoyingly starting off the last stint of almost a month on, was right before COVID. He was gone and life was good. ( Man he had all the bells and whistles!) Not for me. I had horse chores, and yes he fell once. I had water heater issues, flood issues, teenage girls issues and traveling for sports. Some days I was coming home from night feeding my horse at 10pm.

I learned how to clean my pellet stove, clean the outside vent to it, fix a water heater fault, completely do everything with my horse. Take care of fire alarm issues. It was a shit show left for me. However, that’s how it usually goes. The rest of my thoughts were given to my two teenage girls. They are 18months apart.

So as I’m cleaning my pellet stove tonight I have to say all that anxiety and work was worth it. I’m stronger for sure, mentally and physically.

As I thought the job never panned out and we actually lost some money on it, I appreciate my husband for trying to help our family.

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9 Responses to I’ve got shit I didn’t think I could.

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    You are so strong, Jackie! Your depth always amazes and motivates me. From your can do never give up attitude, hard work ethic, and love and support you give everyone. On top of all that you’ve successfully built up your business that supports the family. Hold your head high, push those shoulders back, and be proud my friend. Take pause and smile when you feel that shine coming out from within. I’m glad you can see what you have brought forth. YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SOUL.😊🙌🤗🥊💪👷‍♀️❤️

    • Thank you so much Dwight! ❤️🙌🏻 That made me smile. 😊 It really is a good feeling to know that if I had to take care of everything myself, I could. Would be much easier now with less pets and girls in college! YOU are such a beautiful soul as well my friend! I’m so glad I checked WP before going to my refrigerator to workout! 😂😍 I’m ready! 💪 Thanks again for such a kind comment. You are such a dear friend!

  2. I know I depend on my husband too much. However, he taught me how to pay all the bills, and other things. I am very glad I can do that now!
    You really are amazing!

    • Thanks Wendy! It was quite an awakening for sure. He paid all the bills before he left for me which was helpful. I only had to pay one as he didn’t think he would be gone that long. That’s awesome you can do the bills!! I do need to update myself on ours!! Hope you have a lovely walk today! I saw on the news you got hit pretty hard with snow! ❄️☕️❄️☕️❤️

  3. msnewleaf says:

    You are so strong, Jackie! You can do anything you put your mind to. 💕

  4. You are amazing, Jackie! It fascinates me what we can do when “getting ‘er done” is our only option. (It must be that other 60 percent that we push through to). Your family are so lucky to have you!💞
    NB…. It is almost as fascinating as visiting that friend who cannot take down her venetian blinds to clean them and we are like “How have you survived this long?” 😂

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