It’s late

It’s 11:32PM and as I am laying in bed I wake up and hear my oldest daughter packing to go back to college. I wake up to multiple suitcase zippers.

I went to bed early as I ( not courageous announced ) will drive her to college. Her dad will drive back. I woke up to pee and can’t get back to sleep.

I hate highway driving, especially 5hrs of it, ( 10hrs total round trip ) however I feel I need to keep out of my comfort zone in this process of becoming a better human. Let the anxiety begin! ( likely why I can’t sleep! ) It’s also not fair for me to sit and have my hubby drive it all.

It’s also a bittersweet time as I love having my 2 college girls home for the last month yet….it’s time for them to go back out and live life without me.

So many emotions. I shouldn’t be on my phone also at this hour but I think jotting my thoughts down is helpful and maybe others can relate. Does anyone say the word jotting anymore? 😂

Anywho, going to try to go back to sleep land. Hope you are all doing well. ❤️

Thanks for reading, ❤️ Jackie

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6 Responses to It’s late

  1. Clairei says:

    Sounds like an emotional time for you with the added stress of driving on top. Our kids growing up and leaving is so tough but you have such a wonderful relationship with your girls, I just know you’ll only get closer and closer as the years go by. ❤️❤️
    P.S I use ‘jotting’ all the time 💕

    • Morning you! Thanks so much! I am lucky to have a great relationship with them as you mentioned. They are really good about keeping in touch at college as well. All due to texting and cell phones. 🙌🏻 When they get to college I do pretty good! They do well at college and if they are happy, I am happy. I think it’s just the transition time. Plus the driving. It can get quite busy at times however, I really need to keep pushing out of my comfort zone. Plus I know I will be super happy with myself when we get there. Thanks for commenting and I hope you are feeling super happy with yourself as well! Love ya! ❤️❤️

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    Hope you got some sleep, Jackie. May the force be with you! 😊

  3. Glad it went well!
    So many parents get sad when their children leave for college.

  4. Good for you driving to the college. I am still determined to drive more this year! I have to take the Cherokee across the city at 7:30 Friday morning to get the windshield replaced. It will be pitch dark, icy, and I may or may not have two operational arms. At least I don’t have to hit the highway. 😊

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