Working out yesterday this song came on my playlist twice.


I think it was meant to happen. It’s a cool song and I love the story it tells — it’s got some deep undertones about alcohol and how it can have a strong grip on people and can really bring you down.

Why was I always drinking something that in the end, brought me down…..EVERY TIME!?

I just resonated so well to this song and it made my goals for the next year stronger.

Just thought I’d share with you. ❤️ Jackie

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10 Responses to Jack

  1. Sober Sara says:

    It’s taken me a lot of relapses to realize that those promises are always lies

  2. Clairei says:

    Nice! The ‘friend’ alcohol that we all need to block! X

  3. I am so glad that you are stronger than Jack and the shit he’s selling. It does make one wonder why the most destructive elements in life are the most attractive? 🙄

  4. Lovie Price says:

    yup yup..relatable for sure!!

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