I’m feeling quite frustrated currently. Yet on the same thought I am keeping a positive mindset for the upcoming couple months.

I’ve mad mad progress in working out and I love my Volly family and you all and things have been going great! Well, my umbilical hernia has acted up in a bad way, quite painful. I got it almost 20 years ago from having monster size children and I’m quite small. 😆✔️ I also have a birth defect where my large intestine is all wrapped up on one side of my body instead of going from one side to the other. It’s acting up quite good currently as well. Went to surgeon today, surgery date for hernia is a month out and then 6 weeks of not lifting over 15lbs. I wanted to cry. I mean I knew by googling, but didn’t want to hear it. Got in the car and turned my mindset around.

I can’t control this. I now have to focus on what I can control. I need to ride this out and come back with perseverance! I’ve already started a plan. May be getting ahead of myself but it’s keeping me going.

I will do what I can do until surgery. I’m showing up, doing what I can. Work is physical for me so that is now painful but like I said each day, I’ll do what I can do.

I will tell you I thought of alcohol. When I first started quitting daily drinking my rule was no drinking for emotions. I remembered that and am trying to move on. So far so good however, I’m not out of the clear yet. This set back has created a lot of new thoughts. I’ve got a good “team” surrounding me so very thankful for that. My mind wanted to go to the “all or nothing” mindset when I am now directing it into a “show the hell up and do whatever you can do” mindset. I plan on owning it!

Thanks always for reading, Jackie ❤️

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16 Responses to Mindset

  1. Keep walking if you can, and take care, Jacqueline!

  2. Have you tried cold showers? 😂 Just kidding, Jackie. Just keep taking it one day at a time. You got this! 💪💪💪

  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    We’ll walk beside you CHAMP🤗

  4. Lovie Price says:

    Jackie, soooo many times on my journey- with both fitness as well as alcohol- there have been unexpected set backs. They made me wanna quit, cry, throw things, etc. I hit walls left and right. Some of those times i added the stress of comparing myself to others who had started sobriety the same time i did and never looked back or slipped. Sometimes i compared myself to other women who, at my age, seemed to get fitness results so much easier . Some days i still think- what’s the point? BUT- if i had given in at any of those moments, and never tried again…or if i didnt have that deep down belief that i deserved better and held the power to be better..i cannot even imagine where i would be right now. I started , as you know down the sober path at the end of 2018. It has been a carnival ride. same with bodybuilding. I know this is kinda rambling ( its late at night) but mostly i just wanna say- hang in there, this will pass, you WILL get back on track. Do not give up..big hugs!!

    • Thanks so very much for this comment! I’m having my coffee and going to go downstairs where I have some free weights and such. I am quite restricted on what I can do but at least I’m showing up and doing what I can do. I already feel weaker which I hate but like you said don’t give up! I’ll come back stronger for sure. I remember not long ago you had an injury to work around. You are always inspiring and always help me along the way. ❤️🙌🏻 I love that feeling of being strong and having muscle. Thanks again so much for your comment, means a lot! ❤️

  5. Oh dear I’m sorry, I hope the surgery fixes everything! You work so hard, it isn’t fair. Thinking about you. Good job on not drinking over it.

    • Thanks so much! I can’t even have the surgery till the end of the month, then 6 weeks of restriction. So annoying but I’m trying to keep positive, could be much worse. I really appreciate your comment! 🙌🏻😍

  6. orthodoxmom3 says:

    Focusing on what you CAN control is a great mindset!

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