This family has been traveling at what feels like the speed of light this summer. Then there’s this Sunday morning.

I get up at 5am Monday-Saturday, Sundays I sleep in until 7am. I did just that this morning. It felt so good. I slept well, it’s beautiful outside and I feel at peace.

First morning I woke up to an empty nest. Both girls back in college as of yesterday. Hubby is at work, I do have to work a few hours today as well but not until later this morning.

I already miss my girls. We are close. However, I’m at peace because they are happy. Youngest is a freshman and settling in nicely. Oldest is a Junior and this is a whole new semester for her. New roommates as her last two were quite nasty to her for no reason. The new roommates move in today so I’m excited for her and hope all goes well. She’s now single as her boyfriend broke up with her a few weeks ago and she’s doing well with that now. This is also her first year with no COVID restrictions.

We raised wonderful human beings for this world I am very proud of them both.

Lastly-glad for fast internet so I can FaceTime and text. ❤️

Thanks for reading, Jackie

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11 Responses to Peace

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    They are so fortunate to have you as a mom! Big big hugs. It’s hard, it’s good, it’s wonderful love🤗❤️

  2. It’s a big day, Jackie! This is what you prepped them for and they will be fine – as will you💞Wishing all the best for all of you. Keep working it. (they’re still watching) 😶‍🌫️

  3. Lovie Price says:

    it’s so wonderful to have these days of gratefulness and grace..they really do balance out the days when it’s “not so much”. Glad you are well- hugs!

  4. Oh my goodness your youngest in college!! Glad you are handling the changes well. It seems like an eternity away for me but everyone tells me it goes fast… trying to enjoy it over here instead of getting caught up in endless to do lists and never feeling like I’m accomplishing enough… thanks as always for the inspiration ❤

    • Hey you! It sure does go by fast! They both text me today ( first day of classes ) all is going well. My oldest met her new roommates today and she’s really liking them! I just hope all keeps happy and good. ❤️ The change is weird. First day coming home from work with nobody here. Even with kids work schedules someone was here when I got home. My oldest first year in college was right when COVID hit. Really sucked. Kids left since all was virtual and most everything even transit bus was shut down. I think that helps in my thinking of if they are happy, I need to be happy. ❤️

  5. Loved reading this. The peacefulness and contentment of the moment really shines through ♡

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