It’s a rainy Sunday morning but I’m enjoying my couch and ☕️.

Things are pretty much status quo here. I was making good progress working out however I started to get a good amount of stomach pain. First up I was born with a very rare birth defect where my large intestine doesn’t wrap around to the other side of my body, it’s all wound up on just one side. It’s so rare nobody even knows what complications could come with it. It does cause bloating after eating and long car rides are a problem.

I also have had an umbilical hernia after my pregnancies. I’ve had it for almost 20 years. The pain is right in the area of the hernia. Went and had a CT scan and next week meet with a surgeon. The hernia has gotten larger and I think it’s pushing into my intestines.

Soooooo I was told to not work out my core area and no lifting heavy items from the ground up. I’ve adapted my workout the best I can just trying to maintain what I’ve worked so hard for. I’m certain I will need surgery and not looking forward to not being able to work out for some time after. BUT-I will listen to the doctor and come back even stronger! 💪

Next up is lovely peri menopause. I am terribly forgetful with idle conversation which is flustering for me and my family. Instead of not getting a monthly, I’m getting it every 2 weeks. Freaking horrible to deal with and my hormones are all over the board. Our insurance sucks so I’m just going to have to ride this out.

This is not to be a bummer, life just happens and we have to adapt. I’m going to keep maintaining and I’ve even started bike riding. Instead of being bummed about recovery after surgery, I’m going to focus on coming back even stronger. I’m part of a Volly group which we check in each day for accountability and it REALLY helps! My first bike ride was yesterday, the hills kicked my butt! My calves are on 🔥 and I thought about maybe driving my car past the hills and parking it. Then my friend Dwight on Volly said “You got those hills, you will own those hills!” He’s so right! Now I so want to OWN those hills! Encouragement like that is JUST what we need and I’m grateful for Dwight and Anne on Volly! 🙌🏻 Here’s the countryside where I ride bike.

So that’s my update. Lol! Still plugging along and living my best life! ❤️

Thanks for reading, Jackie

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9 Responses to Status-quo

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    You’re amazing my friend!😊

  2. Gorgeous hills. Sitting on a porch drinking coffee sounds divine. Sorry to hear about the peri. I’m sure I’m edging closer and dreading it when it hits. X

  3. Way to keep working through it, Jackie! I love your biking road. Gorgeous scenery. I hope you can keep up your riding during your hernia recovery phase.💞

    • Thanks so much Anne! I hope so too but I’ll find out Wednesday! I have a feeling I will have to take a break but that’s okay too, I’m over this bloating and pain. ✔️

  4. gr8ful_collette says:

    I’m with you on the crazy peri menopause. And the son left for college today so I’m pretty much a mess. Be easy on yourself, and be patient. I know you’ll come back ready to kick ass again!

    • Thanks so much Collette! I can so relate to you! This week oldest goes back to college in another state and youngest starts her first year in college a couple hours away. Empty nest here after this week. I have enjoyed my girls home this summer, one of the best summers yet. Thinking of you! ❤️

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