Jam packed weekend

Hello! 😃

This weekend was our 30th class reunion. I recently blogged how I was on the committee for it and I was happy to having it at our local state park instead of at a bar. Well, they made it a two day event so it was Friday night at a bar and Saturday at the park.

I have one friend that I reunited with at our 20th class reunion and we have been close since. She drove out with her husband to go to our 30th class reunion with me and my husband. she’s the type of friend that when I tell her I want to nurse a drink ( or maybe 2 ) all night, she will make sure that happens even if I change my mind. She knows how much my goals mean to me. It was a success and I didn’t even need reassurance. I was nervous as I haven’t been to a bar in a few years.

My friend Tina ❤️

When I returned home from the class reunion Friday night my daughter was in tears as she gave her boyfriend a second chance recently and he was coming in for the weekend and he came in and dumped her again. As a parent your heart hearts so bad when your kids do as well. We talked that night, we talked all Saturday morning. I went to work and then we watched a movie and today she rode in the car with me to get groceries just to get out of the house. The breakup was unexpected and she’s really sad. I know she will be better off once she gets over him….just the process sucks.

Just put a nice roast in the oven and doing house chores. Weekend really flew by but looking forward to one more weekend of working Saturdays and then done. I’m too old for that shit. 😂

Pretty boring update but that’s all I got for ya now!

Thanks so much for reading! ❤️ Jackie

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5 Responses to Jam packed weekend

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Glad the reunion went well. You clean up well – looking great, Jackie😁

  2. I am so sorry about your daughter, Jackie. You are right – what hurts them, hurts us. And she will no doubt be better off for it. I hope she finds the guy who deserves her and that in the meantime, she just follows in your footsteps and takes care of herself. 💞

  3. Lovie Price says:

    not boring. Realistic. I have not blogged lately because i really have nothing great to say… i should try to at least write…thanks for the update!

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