4 months in….

Hi everyone! Really starting to love life recently. I’m 4 months in from the start of bettering myself by working out and eating healthier. Pictures really motivate me to keep on, keeping on!

It’s not easy. The first 3 months I went strong. This month now that I feel a bit “established” I have lightened up a couple of days.

I feel so much better and my mindset is enriched. I keep looking for new ways to be active and feel inner peace. Bike riding is my newest. Rode today and came home feeling whole.

Played some basketball with hubby ( who is soooo good ) and lost every game but I feel I’m getting better. Going to keep working on those skills. I was exhausted using muscles I don’t normally use in that manner, but that’s a good thing.

Overall it’s so hard to take that plunge and go head first but now that I have I’m not turning back.

Thank you for reading! XO Jackie

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8 Responses to 4 months in….

  1. Girrrlllll you are looking strong! Biking is one of my faves, it makes me feel free, I don’t even consider it exercise. In fact we were out for about an hour today even though we have covid “just to get some air” haha.

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    Giving yourself a chance, going for it, and kicking ass! Keep branching out. So happy for you💯😊

  3. Lovie Price says:

    so awesome! i gotta post some pics soon cuz i sure need the motivation too!..its been a bit over a year for me getting back into training and bodybuilding and some days i just wanna give up -i’ve come to realize I will likely need HRT to get any further. It’s really unbelievable how menopause( like no cycle for 2 years now) puts the brakes on development no matter how hard you train. You look great and big clapping here for you for stickin’ to it!

    • Thanks so much Lovie! I’ve definitely had days I passed on working out and days I just went through the motions. Then there’s days I’m totally into it. My cycle is all over the board. It comes, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s very frustrating. Pics really are such a good motivation for us to keep going! I’d love to see some of you as I’m sure you look awesome!! Thanks for always cheering me on! You give me motivation to keep going strong! ❤️🙌🏻

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