2 Months in!

2 months in of eating better and working out 6 days a week. I started running a mile a day and this week did 1.25 miles each day. I then do 40/45 minutes of weights. I take the weights slow as I have tendinitis in my right arm and a sciatic nerve issue that likes to act up at times.

As far as eating better I really have upped my protein intake at each meal. I love putting cottage cheese in my eggs in the morning. You just whisk a couple eggs and maybe like 1/3cottage cheese and then put in preheated pan. I found Dave’s killer brand English muffins to be yummy, they have more protein in them rather than a regular English muffin. I do a shake for lunch with Vega protein and greens powder, PBFit 2 and collagen. ( with oat milk ) I eat whatever for dinner but I make sure it’s got a good protein source. I eat an apple a day and healthy snacks. Pretty straight forward. I know I have mentioned some of this before so don’t want to bore ya.

I drink a minimum 64 ounces of water a day. That’s a huge improvement for me.

Results have been slow going as I just started to see results JUST the past couple weeks. I now have lost 4lbs and 2” off my waist. I decided to take an “after” picture and honesty did not see these results looking in the mirror. It’s really got me pumped to keep going!

Hope I didn’t ramble too much and I always thank you so much for reading and always encouraging me to be a better me! 😍 I always remember this only could happen by me conquering not having alcohol rule my life! ✔️💪🙌🏻

😃 Jackie

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9 Responses to 2 Months in!

  1. Ainsobriety says:

    Great job.
    It’s amazing how much squishy weight we carry that is really not needed.
    You have motivated me!

    • Awesome! 😃 I have been wearing sweatshirts and not really caring but now the weather has started to get nice here. I was starting to look pregnant in t-shirts. I’m a short girl and my belly is where I show weight gain. Feeling so much better now in t-shirts!

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    So very happy for you Jackie! You have shown up and put in the work and the benefits are arriving. And I know beyond the physical are many mental emotional benefits. To make space for yourself and take some time to make yourself a priority for once is huge! Such a beautiful practice❤️💪🙌

    • Thanks so much Dwight for supporting me through this! I’m definitely happier inside and out. I’m also excited to see how another month goes for both of us!! 😁

  3. Lovie Price says:

    Wowza! i just got back on here and trying to catch up and then i see THIS gem! i love this so much! congrats and i just know you are feeling so much better overall!Thank you for posting this and keep going!!

  4. You’re amazing!! So happy you are feeling good! My life is still too much of a roller coaster (between being very healthy and not so much) but I feel SO much better when I get exercise. Wanted to find a way to take the pics off my blog so I could start posting again but I am busy and not good with technology!

    • Thanks so much!! 😊 Yes, exercising always makes such a difference in feeling overall so much better! I just have to stick with it! 😂 I have my current picture on however I always go back and delete old pics off my blogs. I leave the blog but delete the pictures. You have to go into your post and tap on the picture, there’s three dots on the bottom right hand side of the picture. Click on them and then tap “remove block .” Well that’s how it works on my phone anyway! I miss hearing from you! Would love to hear from ya in blog land again! XXOO

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