Today has been a day. Not anything to complain about though, just one of those days I swear my brain has checked out randomly. So short and sweet I was done cleaning at a clients house and next stop was at our local grocery store. I’m from a small town, we all know each other.

By some miracle I looked down as I got out of the car to go into the store and saw I still had my freakin’ knee pads on from working! 😂 I mean when I put my boots on how did I not notice this? 🤣 At least I caught it on the nick of time. 🙃

So, just another day in paradise here. 😆❤️

XO Jackie

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6 Responses to Today

  1. Higher Times says:

    Who do you think you are? Me? lol 🙂

  2. msnewleaf says:

    Haha! They must have been comfortable. 🤗

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