A whole lotta talkin’.

Well lately I have done a whole lot of talking and not much doing. Yep I’ve been one of those…. I say I’m going to work out, I don’t stick with it. I say I’m going to eat healthier, I half ass it. I say I’m going to organize my basement, I don’t even begin to. It’s time to get focused.

I am on day 3 of Yoga with Adriene. I’m a hot mess doing yoga. I have zero muscle tone and the poses clearly need it! I am trembling and shaking and not steady at all. I’m newer to yoga so have to keep looking at my phone while doing it to see if I’m doing it correctly. That hurts my neck and gets me out of my groove. My legs are so freaking sore already! This is a 30 day program so I will finish it and I hope after that for it to be a part of my daily routine.

I did purchase healthier options at the grocery store so this week I start eating better. I did bring my light weights and ball upstairs from the basement to encourage myself to use them.

I am still going good on my facial skin routine. Keeping that going is helping with my alcohol consumption. I am not spending money on bettering my skin just to drink, which makes my skin super yucky.

So I have my plan together and I’m sticking to it. Yoga for 30 days, weights and ball 4 days a week, healthier eating and less couch time! Get outside more for sure. I sat outside yesterday all bundled up while hubby worked on our car. He loved me being out there and it was good for the soul too!

Well better get ready for work! Thank you for reading!


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13 Responses to A whole lotta talkin’.

  1. That’s amazing Jackie! So happy you are trying the yoga with Adrienne! Keep going – it is a PRACTICE – after 15 years I still shake and cannot do some of the moderate poses, much less advanced – but it’s still such a soothing thing for me. (Can you put it on a laptop or something for better viewing experience?!)

    • That’s awesome you have been doing it 15 years!! Very helpful to know it is practice as well. I tried it once before however that was back when my horse was alive and I had a morning full of horse chores. Just couldn’t focus on the Yoga. Day 3 and I have had no problems focusing so far!! I do have a fire stick and I can get YouTube on it on my tv. I’ll try that next time! Thanks for the idea! I wish I had a laptop!

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    So glad you’re getting off your ass!! You know I’m just giving you shit😂. I KNOW you can do it. Now, I do like though you being able to sit and chat with your hubby and bond …that’s pretty neat.😊💪💯❤️

    • Bwahahahahahahaha!!! You totally crack me up!! That was the perfect thing to say! 😂 I almost spit out my peppermint tea! Thanks so much for being so fun yet so encouraging at the same time. I so appreciate you! I’m ready to hit this out of the park! ⚾️

  3. Awesome Jackie.
    You will get there, you just need to keep at it until it becomes routine ….. once it becomes, as they say, muscle memory it’ll be easier to stick to it. Our bodies don’t like change but they soon get used to a new routine, with difficulty at times but if you persevere you will thank yourself ….. I need to do more to become more healthy ….. I keep telling myself to get out on my bike more but I end up walking haha ….. you got this Jackie

    • Hey thanks so much! I’m really excited about this as this routine I feel is quite do-able. The tendinitis in my arm is bugging me so some yoga poses I can’t quite stretch that arm all the way and I found a way to do some weights without pulling in that area so I’m accommodating instead of doing nothing using it as an excuse. My sciatic nerve in my leg is going through a good spurt and I believe as long as I don’t run ( running aggravates it ) I will be okay. So far so good. It’s weird how sciatic nerves pain comes and goes. Anyway, thanks so much for your support! Happy Belated Birthday!

      • Thank you so much ….. and yeah, I have a close friend who suffers with sciatic nerve pain and the last time it hurt he was down and out and nothing keeps him down but that kicked him across the field so i can imagine how painful it is ….. i feel for you I really do ….. and also your very welcome always here for my friends even my blogging friends 💗

  4. Lovie Price says:

    all good stuff…its really tough to stick to healthy routines..i’m pretty good at it but i do slip..still eating ice cream every single day. But soon i MUST stop..i have a goal to start my dieting down at the end of April for 8 weeks. I have done yoga off & on, never stuck with it after my one teacher left and i tried to do it at home..

    • I feel about this time every year I’m in the same headspace. The weather isn’t that inviting, I’m craving hearty foods…etc. My two favorite jeans are just too tight. Determined to get back into them but no rush, just trying to be consistent. Plus the tendinitis in my arm is bugging me and I have to accommodate that when working out. I know you fully understand the frustration of working around an injury/ailment. It’s frustrating. Hope you are starting to feel better! April is generally when I have the mindset to crush goals for the nicer upcoming weather! 😃

  5. Just keep moving! LOL
    As my 96 year old mom said!

  6. msnewleaf says:

    I put her on the TV to make it easier. Yoga is hard, no doubt, but worth it. 🤗

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