Happy Thursday!

Good morning! I can’t believe it’s December! How is everyone doing Christmas shopping wise? We are half done and I’m starting to get a tad nervous. Last night I got around and cleaned up a bunch of horse things from my horse that we recently had to put down. That was sad but I know he would be happy for his things to go to a good home. In this house unfortunately we can’t just put Christmas on a credit card so as I did last year, I crash clean and sell things I don’t need anymore. This week/weekend will be all I will be doing so it all will be up for sale and I’ll be done. Hope it all sells!

Going over to my horse’s area to get his water trough and heater to sell triggered tears. I still miss him so. The only thing I can say is I don’t miss the snowy and cold, 6am mornings having to bundle up and go over to feed him and such before work. Brrrrr…. This cold weather just reassured me we did the right thing. It wouldn’t be fair for our old man with cancer to endure another winter.

Anywho, things are going strong here with my hubby not drinking with me. He really seems excited about it too and has been doing more “lovey” gestures which I really appreciate.

Hope everyone is having a good week! My last bit of randomness is my family loves The Office. I saw this and sent it to our group chat because it cracked me up. I need one of these! 😂

“Dwight on a sprite.” Makes me laugh every time!
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8 Responses to Happy Thursday!

  1. Happy Thursday Jackie!! That is excellent you’re not taking on credit card debt to pay for the holidays! I don’t know how much I’ve touched on it in my blog, but I’m a super personal finance nerd. If you ever want book or website recommendations let me know 😉

    • I have read Dave Ramsey’s book and he’s the one that gave me the idea a couple years ago that you sell things to buy things, no taking on debt. I applied that to Christmas 2 years ago and was so excited to get rid of stuff and also pay for Christmas! 😀🤓

  2. p.s. I’m trying to cut down on material gifts more than ever this year. Talking the family into doing experiences together instead. It takes some effort but we’re going in the right direction!

    • That is so awesome! We are here too! I actually asked the girls what they wanted/needed so I’m not spending money on something they may not want! I knew last year and this year I had stuff to sell for Christmas but next year I have to start saving/selling throughout the year. I really get a high on paying for a Christmas by my selling and saving!
      Doing experiences together is just perfect!! Your kids are at a great age for that too!!

  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    I can feel your uP’ ness in this post, Jackie😊! Yes I make up words all the time. Love, Love, Love, and ah Love not going into debt over Christmas and not using credit!!! Huge thumbs up to you and thanks for the laughs with the pics.👍👍👍

    • I love your new word and I’m so going to start using it!! I am so happy you can feel my uP’ ness! I am feeling it too! I have been a busy bee cleaning up all the horse items to sell. Sold the winter horse coat for $150 already! Like I said, next year I won’t have all the big items I have had the last couple years so definitely going to make a game plan and stick to it! Thanks for always encouraging me!!! I SOOOOOO appreciate you!!! Hope you have a kick ass rest of the week!! 😍🙌🏻

  4. Lovie Price says:

    it’s been a very long time since i spent much on Christmas and i am happier for it!Good job! Sounds like you are feeling more positive and happy! Keep going! Hugs!

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