And we are off! Maybe!

Hi everyone! Well, I am starting to feel myself getting back together after the loss of 3 pets close together. I took a weekend trip ( 5 hours away ) with my parents to visit my Great Aunt who is 90. My dad is 77, mom 75. It was a nice time and I am busy at home but I thought if I said no it really could be the last time I see her. You never know at 90! She still lives at home and all too! So I stayed all weekend with my parents and Great Aunt at her house. I cherish every moment but it was a challenge for me as everyone moves slower than pond water in January! 😂 Good God.

First Dad wanted to fill up before we left. ( He drove there with me co-pilot ) I wasn’t paying attention and then I hear my mom “Your father is about to fill the tank up with diesel Jackie!” She rolls down her window and he tells her he just noticed. Mom says out the window “Did you put your credit card in already?” “Can you cancel the transaction?” Not giving dad a minute to think. Me: “Mom yes he can cancel the transaction he hasn’t pushed the diesel button or started pumping. Plus the diesel nozzle is bigger than a regular model and it wouldn’t fit in.”

Dad: “Jan I have it under control. Give me a minute.” Mom: “Don’t forget the gas cap you put on top of the pump.” Mom again “Oh my gosh I just can’t believe your father almost put diesel in the tank.” Me: “Mom like I said, it wouldn’t have fit in anyway, diesel nozzles are a bit wider than regular fuel nozzles.”

Dad cancels transaction and gets in the car to move up to a non diesel pump. Dad: “I’m so glad I realized it was diesel before I started pumping!” Me AGAIN: “Dad the nozzle on the diesel pumps are wider than a regular pump so it likely wouldn’t have fit in anyway.”

Dad moves up a pump leaving the gas cap on top previous pump.

Mom: “Honey you left the gas cap on top of the diese pump.” Dad: “I realize that and I’m only moving 1 pump ahead, I’ll get it.”

Dad fills the tank and it says “See cashier for a receipt.” He goes inside and gets it and then hands it to mom and she reads it off to him and he checks the pump and makes sure it’s all correct.

And then mom needs a minute to get “get back set in her seat and buckled in.” Mom after 5 minutes which felt like a lifetime: “I’m all set dear!” Dad: “You sure?” Mom: “Yep!”

I could have carried a child and delivered with the amount of time we spent just filling up before leaving. 😂😆🤣😂😆🤣

And all this BEFORE we set off for our trip!

And I’ve never listened so many bowel movement conversations in my life. 😂🤣

I wouldn’t change it for the world though. Thought I’d share!

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23 Responses to And we are off! Maybe!

  1. HigherTimesMentalHealth says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    OMG…that was awesome! Thanks so much for my morning humor. Even though it was challenging, I agree it’s also very precious being able to spend time with them.😁❤️

  3. Hahaha. Funny to read, maddening to experience! I can only handle my family in small doses, like one weekend at the cabin is enough. But we’re counting down to our BIG family trip to Mexico in Feb…. I’m already afraid of over drinking!!

    • I actually did laugh as I was writing this! Yes at the moment I wanted to hit my head against the window shield like that scene where they sing in the car in the movie Night at the Roxbury! 😂🤣❤️ OOOO man a big family trip to Mexico sounds like so much fun!!! Not gonna lie, that would be a test for me too! It was easy for me when I went with my parents as nobody drinks! I did overeat though! 🙃 How you doing otherwise? ❤️

  4. bluebird487 says:

    Oof – I get this as my parents are in their 70’s as well. We have to embrace the time we have – love the “slower than pond water in January” analogy and that “bickering with love” conversation sounds familiar. So glad you are able to spend time with family and have the patience to find the humor in the moment! I always think of the “but he’s on my side” conversations they endured on countless car trips with my brother and I – comes full circle. ha ha!

    • It was hard however I am so glad I went and spent time with them and my Great Aunt. She was the sister to my Gramma I loved so dearly! Reminded me of trips when I was younger. We had this poor dog that got motion sickness before we knew it. Funny memories of me and my brother dying as he vomited in the car. Telling mom and dad we would die if puke smell. Funny memories! That dog was the best!

  5. LOLOL!
    Actually, if you can ask Mr. UT, he’d probably say that was me!

  6. Lovie Price says:

    hilarious…sounds almost like an episode of archie bunker or benny hilll…lololol

  7. clairei47 says:

    Laughed my pants off!
    What is about receipts they love? My mum collects all her receipts and then every month gets them all out and checks them against her bank statements!!! So weird. Well done for remaining calm xx

    • Yes!!! That’s exactly what my parents do with their receipts as well! Scenarios like this played out the entire weekend. 🤣 I did eat like a queen though as I am certain I gained a few pounds! My Great Aunt asked if we could make this an annual event. 😬😆 Of course I said yes however maybe next time hubs can come with and us get a motel and my parents stay with Great Aunt Rosemary. I may keep some sanity that way! 😂😂😂 I sure did love seeing my Great Aunt though, she’s got a great sarcastic sense of humor!

  8. sobrietytree says:

    It’s funny hey. Any of us can have moments like these at the pump or elsewhere, but when those closest to us expect us to screw up and keep calling us out, it just throws us off further. I notice this with my dad when I’m around to criticize/correct (not proud of it), and yet your post makes me remember back to when I was a (far younger) beginning driver, and how I would be more relaxed and thus a far better driver without my parents in the car. Even at a young age, we can be better drivers without a critic commentating on our every move! I’m trying to learn to connect more than correct, with my dad, but when I’m tired it doesn’t always happen. Wonderful that you spend time with them. You’re a very loving, giving being, with a lot on your plate!

    • I totally agree! I’m the same way that once I get flustered, I can have trouble getting back on track quickly. Recently at the ATM I got flustered and then my daughter was laughing and I then canceled the transaction and drove away and went back in line. I didn’t want to hold up the line any longer. I think my fluster was more due to I was so worried about holding the line up when if I just focused on what I was doing more I would have been fine. The trip was definitely frustrating at times and I haven’t spent that much time with them in a long time but I am glad I went! I sure hope all has been well with you!! I hope you have some relaxing Thanksgiving plans! I’m looking forward to not working for 4 days. Both my girls will be home too. 😍

      • sobrietytree says:

        Yes exactly haha! That kind of thing happens to me too. :))) We had Canadian thanksgiving in October. So glad you will get time off and see your girls!! Much love to you dear Jackie 🤗💗

      • Oh that’s right! I really am looking forward to all the food too! 😂 I think between Thanksgiving and Christmas I need to watch what I eat better. 😆 Very much love right back to you Nadine!! I miss talking to ya! ❤️❤️❤️

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