Good morning!

Well as you know I have been in a funk lately with 3 pets passing close together. We had them a long time and miss them terribly. Lots of money things coming up and I feel overwhelmed trying to put for it all on time. I felt myself thinking of alcohol more and I also felt weak.

It was really hard but I resisted and searched online and found Annie Grace had a free 5 days no alcohol challenge. Now we all know nothing is new to me, I know many tools to abstain from alcohol but never have used or listened to Annie’s podcasts. I am enlightened by them and it’s just what I needed! I really want to get her book now.

Anywho, short but sweet post that no matter how long you are in with your journey with alcohol, there’s always more to learn and I appreciate Annie for giving me the boost I needed to stay on track! I even have a better mindset this week! 😍

Flowers my 80 year old neighbor dropped off for me. ❤️ I help him out a lot.
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6 Responses to Good morning!

  1. Sweet! Glad you are feeling at least a little better. This time of year getting used to the darkness sure doesn’t help either. I can’t wait until I get my booster and can go to yoga in the studio again! I don’t have the energy to update my blog but I’ve been a wreck over here drinking WAY too much over Halloween weekend, agonizing over whether or not to fly to L.A. with my 10 year old on Friday (the trip has been planned since last Feb…. pandemic was supposed to be over by now!), finding out my 90 year old grandma has Covid (she’s ok so far but we’re still worried), we were exposed, daughter and I both started feeling sick, tested negative, now the day before the trip I still have sore throat and just want to say fuck it to the whole thing and stay home but even the most cautious people in my life say it’s ok to go and I don’t want to disappoint my girl. Ugh. First world problems tho!!!

    • Oh wow! You do have a lot going on! Did you decide to go to LA? I totally get not wanting to go but at the same time not wanting to disappoint your daughter! That’s a tough one! I’m so glad your gramma is doing ok with having COVID. I’m visiting my Great Aunt this weekend who is 90. Heading out today with my parents for the 5 hour trip and stay the weekend with her. I worry I could bring her something however I feel fine and she wants us to come. You just never know. Yeah, I am feeling better with the drinking. If I drink at say an event or something planned I’m fine with that, just don’t want to drink due to being sad or frustrated. Have to figure my way through that sober. Anyway, I sure hope you have fun in LA! Let me know! Safe travels!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    Good morning my friend!!! I have missed you😊. Big big big hugs🤗. Annie Grace was a very huge part of helping me realize alcohol was poison for me.

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