Long post about us Gingers…

A lot of people think gingers are Scottish, but that’s not the case. It may be true that Scots boast 13% of the population having red hair, with Ireland having a delectable 10%, but our gingerness comes from unexpected climes.

Red hair actually derived from Africa over 50,000 years ago, as a reaction to settling in northern Europe.

Historically, redheads were thought to be conceived out of “unclean” sex. And of course, interesting nicknames were created to remind us of this myth (i.e. tampon top). That’s real friggin’ nice.

And we can’t forget the idea that many redheads were thought to be witches around 1400-1600. Simply having red hair was enough cause to be put to death during the witch trials. Ginger traits such as freckles and moles were also seen as “marks of the devil” and signs of satanic connections.

Ahh, then there’s the remark that every redhead has heard at least once in their life: “Redheads have no souls.” Special mention here to South Park for making this myth virtually indestructible. Check out the below clip!

I could go on and on. Now I have been out of high school for 30 years but my experience in school made me hate my red hair. I was also a very shy girl and took everything to heart. I had to change schools in 7th grade. New school people were not very nice. I went to school one day in my first week and there was a note on my locker that said “You can stick your red hair in your red ass.” Like I said I was so shy it crushed me. There’s no way I could have upset anyone I thought. Then there was a math teacher that I swear never learned my name, she called me Red and said it very loudly. I hated that. So many boys would ask me “Hey does the carpet match the drapes?” Again I was shy and wanted to run and hide. I also even had to ask someone what that even meant. 🤓 Then there’s the white skin that won’t tan. I found out quick no wearing shorts to school or everyone would pick on my white legs.

I also had horrible acne. Went to a dermatologist it was so bad and she said redheads do have more acne…specifically hormonal acne. ( I totally understood that! 🤣)

Anyway, I would go home and dream of dark brown hair. I always have thought that hair color is so pretty. I tried dying it with such bad results, ending up in tears. One time I had to get my hair stripped and recolored the closest they had to a ginger because I messed it up so much. I then got a perm, that didn’t help at all, now it’s kinky curly and red. Ugh. Next I went to wigs.

Soooooo fast forward to about 22years old I got my first tattoo. I then decided that if I felt different by my hair, let’s embrace it all over. I have 2 half sleeves, full chest piece, back, lots on my legs….just a lot. 😂 Then I’d say close to 30 years old I started to embrace my hair.

Society started to embrace gingers and we started popping up in commercials and people would mention what a pretty hair color I had. Others were coloring their hair red…Guys stopped picking on me and started to like my red hair….

Fast forward again to present day. I LOVE my red hair. I LOVE being a little different! I’m quite different inside and out I have learned, and I’m comfortable with that. I still get pimples though at 48 years old. Guess those hormones haven’t left! 😂

Anyway, just wanted to share how just the color of my hair pretty much ruined my self esteem and high school years, but molded me into who I am today. I am no longer shy and unable to speak up. 😜 I am really liking me and it has really hit starting in my 40’s.

Thanks for reading and here’s a current pic of me and a pic of me in one of my wigs I wore for years.


One of my last brown wigs I wore before embracing being a ginger.
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18 Responses to Long post about us Gingers…

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ all of you! Sorry you had to go through that. People are terrible. In 8th grade I had very oily skin (still do) and some of my "friends" once started saying "oily car goes vroom vroom" whenever I would talk. It stands out as one of the more horrible times of my life. Now as my girls enter tween years I feel kind of lost and self conscious of what sort of messages I might be sending them or how to prevent this shit.

    • Oh my gosh that is just so mean! 😕I am sorry you went through that! We try so hard for our kids, we give everything! I don’t think we can prevent anything, unfortunately. 😞 I tried so hard myself, my oldest in sync with my younger years. Love our kids so….keep trying to build them up! We keep making ourselves better! That will make them better I truly feel! We need to keep, keeping on! Love ya!!!

  2. sobrietytree says:

    Oh my freaking god!! You gorgeous woman you!!!!!!!!! Coming to that photo at the end was a wonderful surprise and treat. I am jealous of your beautiful maneeeeee!!!! And you know I love Anne of GG, world-reknowned classic redhead adventuress supreme. :)) 🤓 Yes there are horrendous stereotypes out there propagated by total ignorance and probably… envy. ;)) You are rocking your full beauty, gal! It’s inspiring. Much love to youuuu!! You’re a modern kickass superhero dream. ❤️🧡💗🎉🙌

    • As I sit down and am reading your comment…I really miss you Nadine! Yes I know you love Anne of GG! 😉I cannot even tell you how much your comment means to me! You are one of my first friends that got me on track, yet still there for me when I need you! I sure hope you are doing well yourself and know I love you immensely!!❤️❤️❤️

      • sobrietytree says:

        Awwww thank you dear and wonderful heart 💗❤️🌷 It was you who helped me, y’know. I am doing ok. Still AF since last post… missed you all too. So glad you are blogging. The world needs folks like you. Many thanks for your lovely reply 🤗🙏💗

  3. My hair was so red it was bright orange. I can’t remember how many times I heard, “Better dead than red in the head.” I was so happy when it went darker and I’m probably the only guy glad to go gray in his early 30’s.

  4. Dwight Hyde says:

    You are so beautiful my friend❤️. You better know by now I’m a huge fan of yours!!! Sorry it was so rough for you early on.

    • I hope you know you are the backbone of my inspiration!! I always look forward to your posts and comments. I appreciate you more than you know. Early on was rough but whatever, it has molded me, into me….with your help! I’m about to get some zzzzzzz’s…XOXO let’s GET tomorrow!!!

  5. Yikes! People are so mean!
    I love red hair! In fact, many women now add red to their hair dye!
    You, my friend, are simply gorgeous!

    • Awwww…thanks so much Wendy! 😍 My close friend has dark hair and adds a little red to her dye and it and it looks so good! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and as always thanks for commenting and keeping me going! Thinking of you as I drink my morning ☕️ !! ❤️

  6. monicatbd says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the self acceptance!!! And all the amazing ink!! Be you, be loud, be proud!! 🥰🥰🥰

  7. The ethnic origin of redheads is really interesting! I found myself going down the internet rabbit hole researching this.

    • When I did embrace being a redhead I did just the same! I know a couple redheads now as well which is great for talking about it all. With being adopted nobody in my family had red hair so that seemed weird to me too when I was younger. Now I love it!

      • I know several Black men and boys with red hair. And when I was a teen my first boyfriend had Sandy red hair. We were a cute quirky looking couple—me 5’7 at 88 lbs with glasses and braces and he at 6’, 120 lbs with glasses and a sandy red high top fade.

      • I love it! I am picturing you two now! 😃 That’s pretty neat you know several red heads! 😍 I only know a couple but we all have a funny quirkiness about us.

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