Well tonight I was so stressed and wanted to drink. I went and ran it off on my archaic treadmill.

Came upstairs feeling very empowered.

It really sucks you can be so far into a new you, and still have these times.

Making eggs for the morning , back on track.

Does the fight ever end?

Here’s a super bad pic of me running, but NOT drinking!!!

Thanks for reading!

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16 Responses to Tonight

  1. I wish I could say it totally disappoints for me, but I still get whispers to drink once in awhile.
    For some people the urges go away!

    However, I know now I don’t have to act on them.
    Hugs! Good job not drinking!

    • Thanks so much Wendy! I sure do look up to you! It’s now 5:30am and I’m up, sipping on coffee and feeling great! Just reassures I did the right thing. After I ran it off, I showered and the thought was gone. My husband leaves for work at 5:30am so I see him for about 15mins before he leaves each morning. He was in a great mood and said good job as well! ( I had told him I had thoughts of it so was going to run for a bit. ) Starting my Saturday off right! Hope you have an awesome day Wendy!! 😄

    • Thanks Dwight! It’s 5:30am here and I’m up, having my coffee and feeling great! I hope you have a great Saturday! Oh and I thought of you this week as I really do want a mountain bike maybe after the winter here but for now I have one of my girls ( from when they were tween age) boys BMX bikes. I brought it up from the basement and have been riding it around. Not really far, it is small but I feel like a kid in town when I rode my bike everywhere. Made me think of your Instagram post of the kids bikes in your neighborhood. 🙂

      • Dwight Hyde says:

        Coffee and feeling great all because YOU made a choice last night toward your health and worth! The right choices at the right time add up and start creating the new neural networks in our brain that make staying sober much easier. Glad you’re trying out the biking before you buy one, so smart! I obviously think it’s the best cardio therapeutic workout, especially if you can get out in the woods on a single track with some hills. Have a great weekend!

  2. clairei47 says:

    For me personally, I don’t think I’ll ever completely be able to stop fighting or let my guard down. It’s easier now but I’m a drinker and that will always be the case. BUT go you!!!! Well done for getting on that treadmill instead. It’s all about choices we make ❤️❤️❤️

    • Thanks Claire!!! 😍 I’m thinking the same for me, just don’t think I’ll ever stop having to fight it however, it really helps to know I’m not alone. One of my biggest rules for myself is never drink when frustrated. I thought I had that down but last night showed me that urge will pop up again but I am able to handle it. ( And I got a workout in! 🤣 ) I feel I’m starting to turn some kind of a corner. I’m taking time to work out, and I am starting to sleep better. I overall feel better lately and I want to keep that going. Hope you are doing well yourself. We have beautiful weather here today so sitting in the sun for a bit. Tomorrow is an off and on rainy day. Thanks for always keeping me going in the right direction! XOXOXO

  3. gr8ful_collette says:

    Way to go Jackie! I still get them every now and then, but know acting on it would lead to much unnecessary unhappiness. Take care! 🌟💛

    • Thank you! I have had a great Saturday starting at 5am. So glad I made the right choice and that choice has empowered me to keep going. I really appreciate your comment, means a lot! ❤️

  4. Lovie Price says:

    amazing , awesome and all things good! I love that exercise helps me so much with my own struggles- with everything from alcohol to emotional upsets to physical ailments in general.. I think it’s great that you are continuing to get in the good healthy stuff like running and such and using it as an alternative to drinking is icing on the cake.. congrats, girl!!

  5. Ainsobriety says:

    I can’t say I think about drinking much.
    Occasionally in a bout of anger or despair…more self destructive.
    This is why I keep the house booze free. Self preservation!

    I think it’s all normal. Notice and move on.


    • Thanks, Anne! A booze free house is definitely the way to go for me. I live in the country too so there’s not even a quick run to a liquor store so that helps. I have felt so good after that night and my run instead. I had no booze in the house but the thought was annoying me that I “wanted it” so much to drive a distance for it. Thanks for encouraging me and helping me keep on track! Means a lot! 💪🏻 ❤️

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