Week 3

Hi!! Well week 3 didn’t go as planned. We have had major rain here for so long the ground just can’t absorb any more. Wednesday night a major storm came through and we had 4-6 inches of water in our basement. We have a sump pump, just couldn’t keep up. It has been a long time since our basement has flooded. All our things that mean the most to us are up on pallets so are safe. There’s just so much work to do down there, everything stinks and for years we have just shoved everything down there to store, but never took the time to store it properly. Or lots of toys down there for a future garage sale, but haven’t had one yet. So, lost many things. However I just keep telling myself the most important things are safe.

So since then, no workouts. Everything is unplugged and moved around to mop under it. I’m not even sure if my treadmill will even work anymore. All of our time is going to going through things for damage, sorting and mopping….etc. One thing is my arms are on 🔥 from hauling out wet carpets outside! 😂💪🏻

Water level on my speakers. Yes, I still own old school speakers. 😂

My husband partitioned off a room down there for a teenage girl that lived with us for a couple years when her mom passed away. ( She has no dad ) We have to take that all down as the walls just got too soaked. That room hasn’t been used as a bedroom in years so it’s not that big of a loss, just another project.

Anyway so much work to be done and as I’m bummed that this has really put a hold on my workout plan, I am doing what has to be done and gaining some upper body strength doing it! I guess the good news is my huge basement will be the most organized and clean that it’s ever been! 🤣

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14 Responses to Week 3

  1. Ohh.. that is the worst! I had the same happen years ago

  2. clairei47 says:

    Oh that’s awful but you are going to be so tough and strong 💪 after all that cleaning! Sorry this happened. Sounds rough and very stressful xxx

    • Thanks, Claire!! Came home from work about 4pm today and went right back down until 6pm. Did get a big corner all organized and cleaned out. That felt good. Still so much to do. I’m going to bed frustrated yet I know I’ll wake up at 5am feeling rested and ready to take on another day!! ( Thanks to no alcohol! )

  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    Well that just blows!! Ughhh….Way to spin it around though. You do that very well, Jackie. Hoping for a quick turnaround with as little stress as possible. Like Dory says just keep swimming …. Okay that was very bad but maybe you you got a small chuckle. If not my excuse is I’m a guy🤪. Hang in there superhero, you can do this 🦸‍♀️

  4. Ugh!
    I saw the weather news!
    We are in a very bad drought here, which is unusual for Minnesota.

  5. Lovie Price says:

    oh no! that is terrible! i forget where you live.I am in PA. It’s been raining here almost non stop for a week. Last week i got caught in one of the worst storms we ever had- barely made it home from the gym. Less than 5 minutes later we had actual rescue boats on our street. Most of my neighbors basements flooded..i was lucky- completely dry thanks to the previous owner sealing up so well. keep up on those workouts as soon as you can though!And i hope you get all that dried out soon! Hugs!

    • Thanks, Lovie! Yikes on driving in such a rainstorm, I hate that! So glad you had a dry basement! I’m in CNY. It was dry here yesterday and will be today. Then rain on and off for the next week. 🙄 Not supposed to be flooding rains though but the rain needs to just stop. Letting the treadmill sit a little before I plug it in and see if it works! I plan on trying it this weekend! 🙏🏻

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