Hungry for life!

Well last week I half-assed it with working out. I mean I had days I was quite proud of myself but some frustrating days. Last week and this week every frigging day after work someone has an appointment/senior pictures/drivers test….it’s never ending. This is what gets me frustrated and in a mindset not to work out. My husband works 12 hrs a day so he is unable to take them to these. However I am thinking ahead that once my daughter gets her drivers license I won’t have to go everywhere with her, so some time after work should open up.

Soooo week 1 started out slow but I did put forth enough of an effort to say I made progress. This week I am going to improve more. ( I have my before pictures which are quite a motivator for me, yikes! 😬 😧 ) I am hungry for life thanks to you all! About a year ago today I was daily drinking and mornings were rough. Now I have that shit under control and mornings are a solid wonderful staple of my day. Things can only go up from here!

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4 Responses to Hungry for life!

  1. msnewleaf says:

    So happy for you! Half-assed is better than none! Do what you can when you’re busy. That’s enough. 🤗

  2. What leafy said! I often fall into the trap of not having the “perfect” conditions to work out (kids are around, house is a mess, I ate too recently, etc. etc….) but if I just get on my mat or go for a walk for 30 min I feel SO much better. Also I can’t believe a year ago you were daily drinking! That’s when I got on here, about a year ago, and feel like you’ve been my sober role model for quite some time!

    • Yes to everything you said! I couldn’t agree more on the feeling of how long we have been sober role models for each other! ❤️ We think so alike! I think I’ve really been on here about 2 years but it really took me a full year to get some control of the daily drinking! The last year has been my best year and I want to keep improving! It’s like another job for me. 🤣 I sure hope you are doing well yourself!! I always love hearing from ya and thank you so much for all your comments and help!! 😘

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