This weeks thoughts…

Good Sunday Morning!

Gosh, I’ve been wanting to post recently and never had a good topic to post about, really. Now wanting to share my thoughts Thursday-Saturday.

So, one of my clients has a daughter that is a personal trainer. She’s doing real well for herself and I know people that love her and their results show it! I want those results and was ready to do whatever it takes. I need accountability these days. I need something more than I have. I can do my little workouts but they aren’t changing me at all. I was ready and excited to sign on and change myself. For once, I decided to put money into me and this program is an exciting one!

Well after our phone conversation and me being all hyped up I got the price. For the love of freaking God…I guess all she’s offering and her results show her 3 month program work….it’s worth it. However we cannot afford for me to sign on right now. I wanted to cry. I was so hyped to do this never expecting the price tag. I came home after work quite bummed.

Fast forward to this Sunday morning…. I’m over feeling bad that I can’t afford to put time into myself. I do my little workouts but they are not getting me to the results I want. So starting next week I’m going to give myself 1 month of really putting time into myself. I have this crop top I’d love to wear and today I’m going to have one of my girls take my before picture in it. Not saying I’ll ever really feel confident wearing it however some improvement in it would be satisfying. So I thought I’d start with writing a blog and sharing my thoughts with you all. Start this as my first way of taking accountability for my goal. I know I can do this! Thanks for reading!! 🥰💪🏻

Oh and I also wanted to share that alcohol thoughts have been in my brain again lately. I know if I put time and effort into myself I won’t want to add in anything to detour my results. I am thinking this goal of mine will suppress my wanting to drink more. 💪🏻

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14 Responses to This weeks thoughts…

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Happy Sunday morning, Jackie! Just finished my coffee and will be doing my workout right after this. Before I reply on this, just wanted to say love the pic you posted yesterday. Pretty pretty my friend. I sometimes don’t comment out there in fear of it not coming across in the right context. Does that make sense? Hope so. Okay now back to this. I love love love and yes love how you’re committing to yourself to take care of you and are not letting the personal trainer not be an excuse to “Get er done”. As I always say you are so worthy and we all need a healthy Jackie, including you. It will take hard work, commitment, and a paradigm shift that this is more then just a before and after. It’s a before and now a new lifestyle you commit to everyday and won’t end once you reach a certain level. You can frickin Do It! Yes Yes Yes💯💪😎💫

    • Hi Dwight!!! It really makes me feel good that you liked my picture I posted yesterday of myself. I am lucky to have you as my friend! 😍 Thank you! ☺️ I totally get what you mean about commenting! I never have someone else take my picture and my friend wanted to. I reluctantly said ok and was shocked by the result of just a few snaps of the camera.
      Yes on everything you said about taking care of myself! You always hit the nail on the head with my thoughts and get me pumped up every time! I’m so ready for a new lifestyle and ready to put the work in! It did take me a couple days to stop sulking about not being able to afford a trainer like I wanted to. Maybe I needed that let down to build myself stronger? I know she would make me accountable and I thought I needed that. I’m now in the mindset that I can do this myself. I really appreciate you and you always being in my corner! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!!!! 😃💪🏻

  2. clairei47 says:

    Hey you. That’s so weird, I had exactly the same experience a few weeks back. The lady who runs the boot camp class I attend is a PT. I enquired about her sessions feeling really excited as I really wanted to lose some weight, improve my diet and tone up. I COULD NOT BELIEVE the price! For the love of God … who can afford to pay that? My is a physical education teacher in secondary school and he said he’d put me a weights programme together. I told him to quit teaching immediately, get out there and set up his own PT business instead 🤣🤣. We can do this without PT. Set ourselves some goals. I use the MyFitnessPal app and it really helped me track my food intake. Give it a go. Xxxxx

    • Yes!!!! This is exactly how I felt! I had no idea how much this would cost! I think I even said “ For the love of God!” too!! I knew it wouldn’t be cheap but I just had no clue! I used to have MyFitnessPal app and thanks for suggesting that and I will re-download it! I did enjoy using it! Forgot about it! I really appreciate your comment as I was so bummed for a couple days knowing I could never afford that, but really many can’t! Thanks for sealing the deal the price is outrageous!!! 😘We can do this without PT!! I’m so glad I have you! Thank you so much for your comment and I’m so glad you’re my friend! ❤️😍❤️

  3. Love this, you can do it, you can achieve anything. Put your all into it and set your mind to the end results, it may be painful, it may be tiring and it may even create negative thoughts, but set your targets at a resonable level and reach them then set more targets that way you will feel a level of achievement and amazing thoughts, don’t set targets too high at 1st because it’ll stress you out.

  4. I always relate so much to your posts! I have a lot of trouble motivating myself to work out – I like to do it, but will not do a “hard” workout on my own. Have you ever tried group classes? Those are my favorite. Way cheaper than a PT but good results if you find a high intensity class. My favorite (intense heated yoga / sculpt) classes run about $25 but I splurge during the winter and buy the package so they are cheaper per class.

    • Hey you! We definitely think on the same wavelength for sure! I love that! I haven’t thought of classes but I know they would be a great motivator for me! I live so out in the country though my downfall is it’s 35 mins one way to get to anywhere where they would hold classes. You have got me thinking though, I’m going to look into maybe a group online class? Even if I joined and also did my own some days….that would really be helpful! I’m so happy you commented and got my brain going!! I’ll also make sure there’s not closer actual group classes, you never know! 😃 Hope you are doing good! 🥰 The PT I contacted doesn’t even actually work out with you. She sets up a work out plan according to your needs and desired results. She shares recipes and checks in with you…there’s a huge online group you are then a part of and share motivational things and recipes…For that she charges $300 a month. It’s a 3 month program so total is $900!!! I do know she does produce results however there’s no way that’s in my budget!! Thanks again for commenting, I love hearing from you!! 😍😘

      • Oh wow that is crazy $$ for not even getting an in-person workout! Another idea (this is what I did last summer during covid) – find a small group of people in your area who want to work out and hire an instructor/trainer. It’s more work to organize but then you get to customize to exactly what you want.

      • Oh that’s a great idea! Thank you!!!

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