This picture has nothing to do with my post but I felt super whole in this vacation a couple years ago…totally sober vacation. Hope sometime in the future to be able to do this again.

Just a quick note to say how I’ve been on such a good streak, didn’t drink on Easter ( holidays are tough for me ) but yesterday I wanted a drink. I wanted to come home and have a drink sitting in the sun. Thing is it’s a weekday and my rule for myself is never on a work night. I really had to have a freaking boxing match with it in my head, but I DID WIN and did not stop for it. So freaking glad! lol

I do feel that since I do drink from time to time I actually make that fight not totally go away. This I am working on however my times between drinking keep getting longer and I continue to feel better mentally and physically. I like me and will keep investing in me.

So to all struggling it is hard, but this morning I am quite happy I won yesterday. Every win makes me want to fight harder. Thank you all here for your continued support!! ❤️❤️❤️

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17 Responses to Yesterday

  1. msnewleaf says:

    Good for you! Here’s to winning! 👍🏻🤗

  2. bluebird487 says:

    Well done! Happy mornings are a huge motivator (never wake up regretting NOT drinking).
    I love this photo – beautiful and serene!

  3. Dwight Hyde says:

    Your photo makes me say …..Ohmmmmmm😊. Love it! Way to go champ on keeping it sober💯💪

    • Thank you Dwight!!! I woke up every morning at 5:15am to sit in the sand and see that beautiful sunrise. You described just what I was feeling…..Ohmmmmmm…
      Thanks for calling me a champ! Made my afternoon!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  4. Love the photo. Absolutely beautiful moment captured. You do so well moderating such an inspiration xx

    • I keep that photo always on my phone to remind me just how peaceful I felt that morning. I do pretty well with moderating but then again I have times like Tuesdays mind struggle. I am seeing this nicer, sunny weather is likely what triggered it. I also noticed since I was so happy I said no to Tuesdays temptation, that yesterday ( Wednesday) I didn’t even think of having a drink. I came home from work and sat outside for an hour with my girls with a sparkling water. Funny how the mind works. Thanks for your lovely comment! ❤️

  5. clairei47 says:

    Whilst I think complete sobriety does stop that almighty battle in your head most of the time, it still does happen occasionally. I think you are doing really brilliantly and if you are only having the occasional KO with yourself then maybe you are successfully moderating which is absolutely awesome. 💗♥️💗♥️

    • Thanks Claire! It is funny how the KO pops up right when you least expect it. I do think I am doing really well and want to keep improving. The love for my mornings is what keeps me on track. I’ve always been a morning person ( just unable to sleep in much ) but never enjoyed them as much as I do now. I am looking forward to this weekend because instead of my alarm going off at 5am, I don’t set it but automatically wake up at 7am and feel rested. Funny what we look forward to! Hope you have a great weekend yourself!

  6. You are doing amazing, thank you for keeping your blog here. I am hoping to someday go on a sober vacay – it’s caused me so much anxiety in the past when I know I will probably end up drinking for 4 days straight and feel like crap at the end. Shudder to think how many vacations that was. Actually this morning I was browsing air bnb listings in my own city so my sister and I could go on a self styled yoga retreat stay-cation for a couple days this summer!

    • Oh I think a yoga retreat stay-cation sounds just wonderful!! You should totally book that!! You perfectly described vacation anxiety when drinking. I used to start the first night and never skip a night. I still got up and did all daily activities however I never realized how much I was missing out until I had a sober vacation! My first sober vacation I told myself no drinking until the last night there. I think I needed that push to succeed. Hope you have a great weekend! Mine will be busy however I’m happy not to be working! 😃

  7. sobrietytree says:

    Oh wow that photo is so beautiful Jackie. 💙💚💗 Such beautiful progress too. Much love to you xoxo

    • Thanks Nadine! I have made tons of progress for sure! I’m pretty content with myself now but want to keep improving! Miss ya!!! ❤️

      • sobrietytree says:

        Yay for all of that. Awww thanks Jackie. It’s nice to feel missed. 💓🤗 I do hope to post again one of these days… :)) but very happy to take a bit of a break from it as well. Life is just really full at the mo’… much love to you and keep up the awesome work 💗💗

      • Totally understand that! Much love back to you and thanks for the encouragement!!! 😍😘

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