Feeling better about myself and other randomness…

Hi everyone! I was going to update further along in my “feeling better about myself” new kick but I miss ya so thought I’d update tonight. Last summer I spent the summer disliking my body. I decided starting this Monday I would start to change that. I told myself I’d work out when I could and eat more “brain foods.” Well I have been doing yard work up the wahoo so haven’t worked out but have been eating very differently. I feel really good already! Lost 2lbs thus far. So in that first week goal, I am happy. Let’s hope I don’t gain it this weekend! I love my Saturday night snacks with hubby!

I also started a new face care routine. Some of my blogging friends ( don’t know how to tag people yet ) have started and they feel great! I love it and also as money is tight here, it’s an added bonus that I tell myself no to drinking because we all know our complexion is rough when drinking. Yeah-I’m still in limbo land but my times in between drinking keep getting farther and farther apart! All I can do is keep improving all around to be a better me.

One of our bunnies died that was named after my late grandma. ( not the completely house broken bunny in my pics ) I was very sad. Kids getting older, all our animals are older….weird feeling. RIP Winnie

Lastly my horse I am in love with had a very hard winter. He’s 28 years old. Here in NY that’s quite old with our harsh winters. He’s got melanoma cancer from head to bum, comes right out into his tail. He’s had it for years. It wraps around his belly a lot. He’s got a healed knee injury from jumping from his previous owner. He is a retired champion jumper! He has a new thigh issue. I saw this winter was so rough on him and he wasn’t his happy self. His previous owner is a vet I work for. I had a long conversation with her that we think it’s unfair to have him endure another winter. Arthritis has set in good. She agreed and has seen his decline. She said let him enjoy this warm weather coming and she said that he has had THE BEST retirement home EVER! That made me feel good. She also said we are being responsible pet owners for coming to this decision. We haven’t told many at all. Keep it to us for now. It’s going to be hell in the future but I’m going to give him all the love I have for now!!!

He likes to chew in my face! 😆❤️

Well that was lengthy! 😂

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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19 Responses to Feeling better about myself and other randomness…

  1. Oh no Grey 🤗🤗🤗 what a terribly hard decision. I know how much he means to you. And she’s right. He’s had the BEST home.
    I’m so sorry about your bunny too.
    Loving the little changes too. I’ve been trying to eat more wholesome foods and weighing myself tomorrow. I’m then indulging in some chocolate snacks with the husband in the evening (we are so similar).

    • Thanks so much!!! It is so very hard to even think about but I know it’s best for him. I never would have thought in my lifetime I would have had a horse, very thankful for him! I love that we do the same thing with our hubby’s! Saturday night snacks are the best! It’s one thing I said I wouldn’t cut out. Well I really appreciate your comment! Have an awesome day!! 😃❤️

  2. clairei47 says:

    Sorry about the bunny. One of our guinea pigs died a couple of weeks ago and I know exactly what you mean. I felt so sad as it was the end of an era. A sign of times past. Xxx

    • Love ya, Claire! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • I just got thinking that my almost 17year old wants a guinea pig and I just can’t. I told her she has one more year of school and she doesn’t know what she’s doing next. I felt bad but I don’t want to take on a long term animal again right now. So sorry about the loss of yours. I know exactly what you mean about feeling like it’s the end of an era. ❤️

  3. msnewleaf says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your bunny and the decision about your horse. It sounds like the right decision, but so hard!! You are a great horse mommy. xoxo

    • Thank you Leafy! I do love him so!! My hubby sure does too! It’s going to be a great day today and I’m about to go over and feed him and let him out into his paddocks. 🐴😍😃

  4. Dwight Hyde says:

    So sorry to hear about your bunny and Grey, Jackie. There is so much unconventional love when it comes to our pets. Big hugs to you. Great job on getting outdoors and the 2 pounds lost!🎯. Being inside most of the winter makers it especially nice to be outdoors in warmer weather. I might have mentioned this before, but I actually grew up in Upstate NY in a small town called Massena😊. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh! Giantest hug ever!
    I’m glad he gets to live where he is loved!
    And way to go on losing weight!
    Yes, I enjoy our take out meal on Sat with my hubs, too!

    • Thank you Wendy!! He is loved to the fullest! Awesome you guys do take out Saturday nights! We have always made Saturday nights a little different than the rest of the weekdays. I love it!

  6. sobrietytree says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your bunny… always hard to lose a furry family member. ❤️ Awwwww that picture!!! 😍🤗 With the caption… so adorable, I could just hear him chewing. I’m glad he will get to enjoy some warm weather. Also glad he has been so lovingly taken care of.

  7. Sorry about the bunny – a reminder that life is short and we need to savour it. You sound like your doing great – lots of self care going on. So hard to know a beloved animals life is coming to its end but you’ll cherish these months with Grey and make sure he has the best time! 💞💞

    • You said it perfectly! Thanks! We will have the best time with him for sure. I am definitely practicing some self care and mostly due to you all blogging here as I’ve never really done that much before. I hope you are having a great weekend! Going to feed the big guy right now! 😃🐴

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