Finally warmer weather!

This is a waterfall at one of the places I work. I bet next time I see it, it will be all melted!

The weather is finally breaking here and we are outside more. It’s a wonderful feeling! I told myself I was going to start working out yesterday but I came home from work and my 16yr old daughter wanted to sit in the sun and chat. We chatted for an hour. It was wonderful. I also told myself I was going to eat lighter. I made tofu stir fry, tonight is shrimp Caesar wraps. ( My daughter likes hers with chicken )

I’ve been doing so good with the alcohol cravings and they keep getting further and further apart. I’m still in “Limbo Land” like my post awhile ago but I’m happy with myself but I’m always going to keep improving! The warmer weather brings new triggers now but I successfully grilled with a sparkling water last night. Grilling is a trigger of mine. It’s all about breaking that habit!

I received my new book in the mail yesterday. The smell of the pages in a new book are awesome! I’m so glad now I have so much time for reading and puzzles! It’s crazy how much time I wasted when I was drinking every night!

Anywho-I’m enjoying a cup of coffee watching the morning news now….feeling awesome! Have a great day everyone!

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14 Responses to Finally warmer weather!

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather too? This is unfortunately the time of year we get heavy snow falls. I can’t wait for it to all melt, so I can get back out into the woods on my mountain bike. Glad to hear you understand what you’re triggers are and our planning accordingly!

    • Dwight Hyde says:

      Darn WordPress…submitted before I was ready. I must be getting old sound like my 83 yr old mom🤪. You are doing 🙌

    • Oh man on the heavy snow falls! I bet you can’t wait to get out on your mountain bike! You had some awesome pictures you shared last season! 😃
      Thanks so much for your continued support! I have been looking ahead to “summer triggers” and gearing up to handle them!

  2. msnewleaf says:

    Good morning! Great job on the sparking water with the grilling! It’s not easy changing our associations. Have a great day! xo

  3. Ooo! I want that book next!

  4. clairei47 says:

    I love how you say ‘grilling’ … I think we call it having a bbq. You always so upbeat, it makes me smile 😊 xxx

    • That made me giggle. I have heard both but mostly I hear we grill here and we do say bbq but more like when we are having people over and “having a bbq.” I am way more upbeat since I’ve gotten this drinking under my control. Before the ups and downs were ridiculous. Hope your having a good day! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. bluebird487 says:

    Savor those conversations with your teenager – probably better for your soul than a workout! I love the smell of a new book – I often read on my kindle, but it’s not the same. Great job grilling with another beverage – this no alcohol thing really shines a light on how ingrained it has been in so many little day to day things. ❤

  6. sobrietytree says:

    You can read Stephen King 🙀 Wow gal, you’re brave. Awesome that you are doing well and that the weather is slightly warming. Yay! :)) xoxo

    • I’ve read his books since my teenage years! Lol Thank God for warmer weather here. It’s still née and we have some cold days and maybe some snow Monday morning but not too much and should melt within the same week! Miss ya and hope you are doing well! ❤️😍

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