A typical Monday…

I am posting last Monday’s routine I documented and never posted. Thanks to everyone that encouraged me to do so as it may be a bit boring. 😆😃 Have a great day!!

5:00am my alarm went off, and again at 5:10am. I got up and dressed and headed out to the kitchen to see my husband a few minutes before he leaves at 5:30am.

I sit on my couch with coffee news and go online for awhile. ( here! 😃 )

6:15 I eat breakfast, English muffin and an egg. I really enjoy my coffee and breakfast time. It’s a staple in my morning that makes me happy. I took a bite before I remembered to take a pic. 😂

6:40am I fed my horse his grain and alfalfa cubes ( he has hay too ) and picked up the night before poops.

7:15 am I fed our fish. ( we have 3 fish tanks currently that are my daughters that is in college now )

Then I put minimal make up on and threw my hair in a bun. I gathered my lunch around for work and left at 8am. Oh and I left a note for my daughter as I do every morning.

Notice my glasses follow me everywhere? 😂

4:30pm home from work and ready for my afternoon coffee! Chatted with my 16yr old daughter who is always glad to see me when I come home. It’s quite warming.

5:15pm feed our bunnies and then our horse and turn him in for the night.

How I “watch” tv with my bunny. 😂

6pm made chicken Caesar wraps for dinner. Yummy!!

Picked up kitchen, showered and planted my bum on the couch at 8pm to watch The Bachelor. I only really watch it as I watch it with my daughter and we always comment on the girl drama. Lol It’s a fun bonding time.

I usually go to bed about 10-10:30pm. I have a plant by my bed and a fleece blanket with my doggie that passed all over it that make me happy. My husband is usually snoring. 😂

Plant and lamp by my bed. 😍

Lastly I’ll post a picture that has nothing to do with my day but just because I think I’m ingenious for the caption I re-did. 😂😂

Switching it up for COVID the name of the book should be:

Put On Your Mask
When You’re Close

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10 Responses to A typical Monday…

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Love this especially the book…awesome! Yep right there with you on the glasses too.

  2. msnewleaf says:

    Ha! So funny! Sounds like a pretty great day to me! Xo

  3. Haha love the book. Daaaaang you get up early! If my alarm goes off at 7 I am still ready for bed by 10! The kids started back at school this week and have to be out the door at 8 so I’ve been getting up even earlier to feed them / make sure lunches are ready / etc. and not be rushed bc I HATE rushed mornings…. long story short I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow because they’re at Dad’s house!
    That’s super sweet your 16 yr. old likes to hang with you, I hope it’s the same for me in 6 years!

    • I am so with you on hating rushed mornings!! I remember those packing lunch days or “mom can you double braid my hair?” Definitely makes for a busy morning! I think that’s why I love my coffee/breakfast time so much! Yay to sleep in!! I love going to bed Friday nights knowing I can sleep in! My body is just a morning girl and no matter what I wake up at 7am without an alarm. Since I’m not up drinking every weekend anymore I do wake up refreshed thankfully! 😃

  4. Ainsobriety says:

    How do you get your bunny to be so friendly? Frank avoids cuddles. Sigh

    • So I just love the name Frank!!! I think this particular bunny came to us from a friend with a plea for help. He was super small and wouldn’t eat. Could we help. Of course I told my daughter yes and he’s been in a huge run around that is my entire dining room. He comes out a lot and was friends with my doggie before she passed. They would lay together. The bunny still begs for treats like a dog. I do this this particular bunny that is sooooo super sweet may be because he was so small and deprived and how we helped him. Our other bunny is not so cuddly. 😂😂😂

  5. Lol!
    I am so lazy in my retirement!
    Love the book title!

  6. clairei47 says:

    Oh this was great. Loved hearing about your day. ❤️❤️

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