I scream for ice cream.

Last night my hubby and I got into a fight over something so stupid. He started it and I’m like “Really, this is what you want to argue about?” ( I must say we don’t fight a lot. )

It’s been quite busy here. He has been working long hours to be able to take our daughter back to school yesterday. ( Requires taking the day off ) That put extra duties on me around here with our animals and I also work full time. It’s fine and not the first time but I guess maybe the fight started with him being stressed out. There’s just been a lot of little things happening here. We did not yell but our voices were definitely loud.

He showered and went to bed. What was the first thing that came to my brain? “For the love of God I want to drink.” I know that fixes nothing but thoughts like that still come and go with me. I have no alcohol in my house so that wasn’t an option anyway. Makes me wonder that if there was, would I have been strong and resisted? I guess we won’t know but if my thoughts were like that I’d better keep up with no alcohol in the house.

I got a bowl of ice cream with a shit ton of chocolate fudge, grabbed a warm blanket and sat on the couch with my Sparkling water that I had been drinking. That’s all I needed. I felt fine and “over it” after that.

My ice cream instantly melted because my hot fudge was too hot. Still soooo good!

So the meaning of this post? I don’t even know however I woke up as my husband was going to work this morning and he said good morning and have a good day when he left. We have been together 30 years and I knew we would get over such an insignificant fight quickly.

I’m glad I had no alcohol in my house last night. My ice cream was the perfect replacement. Hopefully it doesn’t go straight to my ass. 🙅‍♀️ I’m bright eyed 👀 and bushy tailed this morning! ✔️🎯

Have a great day!


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17 Responses to I scream for ice cream.

  1. clairei47 says:

    Yep. I have been struggling with the same thought process – when shit happens I want a drink. I’m not keeping any in the house other my husbands beers which don’t tempt me . It isn’t worth finding out if I’m strong enough to resist or not!!! Glad you were ok xxx

    • Oh thanks Claire!! I’m just seeing your comment. I’m at work and checking WordPress. 😆 No glasses on me! Good grief I need them! Anyway I COMPLETELY agree with you! There are a few beers of my husbands here too but I don’t care for beer so they can stay. I am sure thinking of you Claire! It’s crazy how we can go for long periods so strong but then like right now I’m annoyed with the temptation being back. So glad I have you all! 😘

      • clairei47 says:

        I’m annoyed too but I tell myself if I am ever going to drink again, it will be pre planned and a time of celebration … not because I feel like crap and I need to reward myself for surviving yet another shit week 😂😂 Enjoy work and grab a cuppa! Cheers xx

      • Thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear! I know this but sometimes it’s so helpful to hear it from a friend! ❤️

  2. msnewleaf says:

    Ice cream to the rescue! Good job finding a better way. xo

  3. Icecream solves everything. Hope you’re ok, must be so tiring doing all the additional chores and working full time xx

    • Hey you, thanks! Yeah it seems to be weighing more on my mind than physically. I said yes to these animals years ago as well and love them so, they have brought great joy to us and my girls. However there will be no replacements for a long time. The next chapter of my life will be more focused on me. 😊 But that’s how the cycle goes. My girls are 16 and 18. They are awesome kids so my hard work has paid off. ☺️ Thanks for thinking of me! ❤️

  4. Dwight Hyde says:

    It’s interesting isn’t it discovery all the triggers that lead us to alcohol? It’s so baked in over the years. I had triggers from this totally sucks to this is so great to oh the wind is blowing this direction…let’s drink. I almost wrote about this on my 2 year anniversary that the real work comes once your back on the ground from being in the pink cloud. It’s some deep work, so yah you for facing it ice cream and all … it’s frickin hard creating new neural pathways in our brain. The great news is we can make these changes – Neuroplasticity. Great job, Jackie💯❤️💪

    • Gooooood morning Dwight! It’s 5:43am here and I’m sipping on some ☕️. I really like the way you said how we are changing our neural pathways in our brain, never really looked at it that way. ( and not going to lie I had to look up the word neuroplasticity. 🤣🤪 ) You’re so spot on with “oh the wind is blowing in this direction.” as I was thinking of my triggers again for drinking and for years I drank for any reason under the sun! I’m happy, let’s drink. I’m upset, let’s drink. I’m going out to dinner, let’s drink. I want to sit in front of the tv and relax, let’s drink. Hard days work? Let’s drink. For the love of God I can come up with any reason! I also think I’ve never really dug deep within myself like this. I have always had a wall up. I’m the girl that everyone knows and likes in my town but nobody really knows me. Soooo this is certainly a challenge but not one I’m going to back down from! You totally vamp me up with your posts and comments and keep me going! Thanks so much and I appreciate you!! ( I also love your new emoji use! 😃)

      • Dwight Hyde says:

        Right back at you my friend! Continue to be kind to yourself while you’re doing the hard but good inner work. It’s like those around you don’t even know unless they’ve been through it. We out here know though and our cheering you on!

      • Exactly! I really have nobody that just understands what I’m going through. Thanks for cheering me on!!! 😃😃😃

  5. sobrietytree says:

    Awesome work on all fronts Jackie. And I mean truly awesome (gawd that looks good!!!) 🤤🍨🍫😜👌😋

  6. Ainsobriety says:

    No alcohol in the house has saved me from myself many times over the years. It is an excellent form of self care.

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