Yesterday I had a couple stops to make after work. One was by a liquor store. My brain instantly said “You have been doing so good, why not stop?” I drove by and didn’t stop however, I had to go back by it again to go home.

I sat in my truck and really had to ask myself Why today would I be having these urges? What do I really want right now?

Thing is I could not come up with answers to either of these questions. I really did try. I tried so hard I said to myself “What the hell Jackie, if you are thinking of something this much, it’s too complicated!” “Just drive home and you know once your home, your fine.” So I did just that. Went by the liquor store again and not going to lie, had to tell myself no again.

About half way home I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was proud of myself. I just thought I’d share that for some people no matter if your new at cutting out or back on alcohol, or old like me these moments can resurface and we can overcome them! For me whenever I’m in a good stretch a monkey wrench will get thrown in but I also see I’m getting way better at handling them! 😃I may not always win, hey I’m human and we make mistakes but I do just love winning! 🏆

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13 Responses to Yesterday

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Nice job my monkey wrench ninja !🥷 That little fricker ain’t going to get you!! 😀😎👍💪❤️

    • YES!!! I absolutely ❤️ your comment and all your emoji’s!!! 😍 You are getting quite creative! 🎨 😁
      Side note: I just came across these roller skates! I want them! 🛼

  2. It’s so true. The exact same thing happened to me last night. I didn’t like how much time the debate was taking up in my head. I didn’t stop. This is measurable progress. Now I can recognize the debate. Months ago, I probably would have stopped at the store, just to shut it up. Much happier today that I didn’t.

  3. Lovie Price says:

    So far with my renewed commitment, i haven’t had any urges…BUT it’s only been a week and a half. This time around, i think coming right it with it publicly( not waiting and accountability ) and being under the weather have helped. I realize these things are only temporary helps but i’ll take them. Mostly i think my biggest ‘worry’ is about how my current relationship will progress or not, and constantly cycling about how every relationship for the past 11 years has involved alcohol. It’s scary trying to come to terms with the fact that i have actually used this substance to avoid the normal parts of a relationship and having to move forward wondering if i can deal with the reality of one without. Le sigh

    • Accountability helps so much! You’re doing great! For me I’m 47 years old and have been with my husband since I was 16 years old. We have alcohol in common since the day we first started to drink as kids! It’s like the biggest staple between us for years. He currently can have a couple drinks or go without. I am the one who wants to drink it like it’s water and I’m in a desert! It’s frustrating to me that I can’t just stop like he can. He is very supportive though. That helps a lot! I know you will be great in a relationship without alcohol! 😍 I think my husband and I have gotten closer without it in my system daily! I’m really excited for ya!

  4. msnewleaf says:

    Good job!!!! So proud of you. That is so hard when that happens. I get it. 💕

  5. clairei47 says:

    So proud of you and so glad to have found you on this journey. You are a breath of fresh air. 💕💕

  6. sobrietytree says:

    Awesome work gal!!!!!! Yeah don’t do it. :)))) Super positive post xoxoxoxo

    • Hi Nadine!!! Can you believe I’m still having that fight in my head sometimes? But I won! Thanks for your encouragement! It’s the spark I needed this Monday morning! 😃❤️

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