Thought I’d share a quick post on what I’m doing currently, taking care of my big guy! Weekday chores are feeding grain, refilling hay/alfalfa cubes, inside water refill and quick hay pick up of run in. I pick up horse poo in his inner paddock daily.

Sunday mornings are the big cleaning. Do weekday chores but also haul over a hose (in winter have to bring it home or it freezes) and refill his big outside water trough and clean and refill his inside one. Clean out his run in real good. Finally walk the 2 big paddocks and pick up poo. Horses poop 7-10 times a day (mine about 7 ) so there’s a lot of poop to pick up Sunday! I am brushing his mane and tail today as well.

Andddddd I was up and out the door at 8am, something that if I was up all night drinking, would not happen. I always do my chores but feeling awesome and getting out the door early is the best! I just bundle up and go do my thing. It’s quite therapeutic!

Now onto cleaning my bunnies huge run around cage! Have a great Sunday everyone!

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15 Responses to Currently

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    I get what you mean by being outdoors and working being therapeutic. I dig it. I was out yesterday picking up after my 3 doggies in the backyard and then cleaning out their pen in the garage. Your comment of 8 am being out there sober reminded me I came close to buying a t-shirt yesterday that said Sober AF! That how we feel, right😎

    • YES!!! That is exactly how we feel! It’s freaking awesome! I also tell myself I’m getting exercise while doing all that work so that’s a plus too! I just cleaned my pellet stove before my bunny cage and feel like a Boss today! I can’t imagine the days of getting what needed to be done, done but it was such a long droned out day. No more! Thanks for your awesome comment!

  2. Such a gorgeous pony. Horses and the great outdoors are so good for the soul. Happy sunday xx

  3. msnewleaf says:

    Great photo! You look so happy. 😁

    • And I commented below instead of replying. I’m not sure how I am doing that lately. My phone is acting up and when I click on my blog I can’t see comments today. I have to go to notifications. Wish I had a laptop or iPad or something more than this little phone.

  4. Hey you, thanks! I really am and making the most of a day full of chores. Tomorrow is a long work day, have to make today a good one. 😊

  5. Lovie Price says:

    amazing…the horse, the getting up early, the positivity…totally love this!

  6. ralisayoung says:

    You have horses and bunnies?!?! What could be better than that?? Amazing. Good for you for getting up and out there and getting it done! It does feel great doesn’t it? I feel so much more productive sober as well and it just Ruel’s my motivation and good feelings. Keep it up!!

    • Thanks! Yeah I have bunnies too! All were given to us and my daughter ( oldest now on college ) begged for them. We said yes and now we are taking care of them since she’s in college. There’s also 3 fish tanks in her room. Keeps us busy that’s for sure!

  7. Lol!
    All the poo!
    I LOVE waking up with no hangovers!

  8. clairei47 says:

    Lovely to se you looking so happy and relaxed in the photo. Being awake and outdoors early always feels good. I just can’t seem to drag my sorry ass out of bed though 😂😂❤️❤️

    • You crack me up! I’ve never been able to sleep in! That can get annoying in that if I need extra sleep I always have to go to bed early. 🙄 On weekends I love Saturday night to stay up late and watch Netflix. Friday night I go to bed at a reasonable time because I’m old and can’t stay up late two nights in a row when I can’t sleep in. 😂

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