Ramble Bamble update!

Hello friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It was a different one for sure! I made a goal to sell old toys out of the basement to pay for Christmas, I was very happy that I sold $510! Christmas wasn’t going to a debt issue this year. I want to try to save $10 a week until next Christmas and then keep selling basement toys. All that’s left now are small items but I will start putting like things together and up for sale. ( May wait until I see COVID cases stop rising so quickly.)

I’m excited for NYE. Just my family of 4 but I’ll get home about 4:30pm from work and going to shower and do my hair like I would other years. Other years I would be home and had a drinking buzz before anyone even came over at 5/6pm. Staying up to watch the ball drop was very hard after about 9pm, not this year!! 😃 My husband has that day off so he and my girls are going to get us some yummy snacks and misc items. We have a nice corn hole game that we are bringing inside to play and also some board games.

Hope everyone has a nice day! What are your NYE plans this year? Maybe I could steal some fun ideas to add to mine! 😘


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17 Responses to Ramble Bamble update!

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun and a perfect way to spend New Years! Enjoy. Ha..I haven’t made any plans other then make little homemade pizzas. Maybe the doggies and I will get crazy and go out a night walk to check out all the lights.

    So proud of you Jackie for not going into debt over Christmas presents and starting to save up for next year. Very wise😊

  2. What a brilliant idea. Creating space and money. I might do the tenner idea too. So we have “pretend nights” where we all dress up (myself, hubby and SD). One of us cooks or orders take out and one is always a long lost visitor from somewhere (can be imaginary). So my SD is visiting from India and we’re ordering Indian food. Shes learning some facts about India to be able to answer the questions 😂

  3. Great idea to fund Christmas!

    For NYE, a local hotel has a special.. a room for a night with a 5 course dinner, served by room service, one course at a time.
    Leave it outside your door!
    Mr. UT is so romantic, he is taking me there!
    Might dress up… or not! Lol

  4. gr8ful_collette says:

    Such an awesome idea to sell the old stuff to buy and make room for the new! We haven’t talked about NYE yet…haha, but I do like Dwight’s homemade pizza idea. 🙂

    • Me too! Home made pizzas sound great since the kids like different pizzas than us! Fun too!
      I heard that idea in a book by Dave Ramsey that I read a bit ago!! ( Total money makeover )

  5. clairei47 says:

    I’m getting my COVID vaccination!
    Sounds like you are totally on it with your plans and managing your money. Have a great NYE … I’m excited for you! Xxx

  6. Lovie Price says:

    well, i’ll be working like most years…i never minded that…time & a half pay is always a good thing. But i do so enjoy reading about other peoples plans…kind of like living vicariously:) Good on ya for no debt AND making money. Thats the way to go. I hardly ever hear about Christmas debt anymore ..most i know have gone the way of buying on sale throughout the year or handcrafting items . In our family, only the kids get gifts and the last 2 years there has only been 2 kids around.Makes it easy…i am just excited to be soon paying off 2 credit cards i acquired with the home purchase in late 2019 ( needed a fridge and some repairs done) , so starting off right ad crossing my fingers:) hugs!

  7. Happy new year Jacqui! Me and C are staying in a cottage (which is now not allowed but we’re already here!) and will eat, play scrabble and maybe watch Jools Holland so not much different from any other night! 💞💞

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