Hard work pays off.

I was recently asked what did I do to get through the time after work through dinner to get my mind off alcohol. She like me had these weekday times a big trigger. I told her I switched up my after work routine, I kept super busy. I made sure I had a new plan after work, mostly outside. If I came home and did the same routine I have done for years, I wanted to proceed on with the same routine. For example normally I would come home and sit down and social media for an hour or more with a drink or two. Then came making dinner, with another drink. My drink of choice was vodka ( much more of a quick impact than beer or wine ) so after 3 strong made drinks, my mind was in a “busy” state. Not able to really put all my attention to something. I got everything done that needed to be done however, that’s IT! No extra’s at all, nothing challenging, all mind dumbing. I figured I deserved it after a hard days work. I do work hard with some days extended hours. 

Anywho-where am I going with this? I can now come home from work, sit down with a cup of coffee and social media without that urge. This has opened up a lot of freedom and happiness for me. With my daughter still distance learning from school due to her surgery she puts Ellen on tv and we watch that together after work. It’s really nice and now something I really look forward to. There’s a couple days I do work later and can’t but always take advantage when I can. In the evenings we have been watching a little tv together with hot cocoa. This is something I would have never done before as my mind would not be in a calm down state. 

So, I still continue to struggle at times but  these special moments are well worth the struggle. Oh and as I sit here at 5:30am sipping on my coffee I also might add mornings are something I now look forward to….ahhhhh….

Many thanks to my WordPress friends for all your support and your helpful blogs. 😘


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12 Responses to Hard work pays off.

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    Love your special moments and your mug, Jackie😊

  2. clairei47 says:

    This is a lovely post Jackie. I think recognising the small but important moments we have now that we are sober is so valuable. Thanks for the reminder. Those mornings can be really precious as well as the evenings when we are present as opposed to pissed 😂 💕😘❤️

    • Exactly! Hehehe! Thanks Claire! I’m redoing our bathroom and it’s a big project but I’m excited about it and I plug along on it on the weekends. Weekends before I would never be focusing on painting in the evenings!! It is those small things! ( I do have to remind myself of this often still though! ) Thanks for all your lovely come ya!! XOXO 😘 ☺️😃❤️ I 💯% appreciate you!

      • Lovely come ya? 😂 How about lovely comments! I don’t think I can edit a comment? I’m still learning WordPress and all I have is my phone to type on. I wish I had a computer or iPad or something with a true keyboard!

  3. Loving the mug and the post. Oh and mornings ♡♡

  4. Jim Simmonds says:

    Great stuff and good to read about the positives, the benefits of giving up the booze. Essential reading for newbies I’d suggest. X

  5. gr8ful_collette says:

    Hello there. I enjoyed reading your post. Changing up the routine is essential if you want to stay on track. Sounds like you’re doing a brilliant job at it. And making time with your daughter a part of that change is even better!

    • Good morning! Thank you so much for commenting! Even to this day I have times where I have to tell myself “Just go and do something, you know that urge will pass.” Before COVID my daughter ( she’s 16 ) was always going and doing, then when We started keeping in our bubble she was around d home more. She recently had serious back surgery which she has needed a lot of help and has been doing online schooling. I’ve enjoyed my time with her immensely! My other daughter is in her first year of college and will be home Thanksgiving-Christmas break. Can’t wait to spend time with her too! All brought to you by no more daily drinking!! 😁😄

  6. msnewleaf says:

    Yes to the special moments! It really helps me to remember, too, how I get to have those moments now. xo

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