Saturday dinner

This Saturday my husband and I are hosting a dinner to a couple we have been friends with for years. We haven’t seen them in awhile and last time ( before COVID ) we went out to eat they unexpectedly paid for our dinner. So instead of going out, we are hosting this dinner.

I am excited for company however she is a huge wine drinker. I know she will come with wine. A lot of our history involves drinking together. A big trigger for drinking for me is while I’m cooking and getting ready for events. I have always hosted a lot of events including all holidays. So I told my husband I wanted to buy a bottle of non alcoholic wine. Yes I could tell her I’m not drinking but I just don’t want to deal with it. I know then she will likely not drink too, but that may take some wind from her sails. Hubby agreed could be a good idea. I’ll keep my bottle in the fridge and as I fill it I doubt she will even notice it’s N/A.

Crazy how I’m over a year into realizing alcohol is a problem for me and still have struggle times however, I know I have made huge strides to change my thinking on alcohol! I know you all have been instrumental in that!! ☺️

I feel confident going into this dinner! 😃

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11 Responses to Saturday dinner

  1. Jim Simmonds says:

    You have a plan, you’ve anticipated, that’s brilliant and I think the AF wine route works ( it does for me) . I had a similar experience couple of weeks ago and your post has inspired me to write about big realisation I had when I hosted a dinner party. Hope you have a great evening .x

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    You’ve built up a great base, Jackie, and will do great! Enjoy the company of friends and for being sober.😊

    • Thank you, Dwight! I shall! I’m a bit annoyed when I text her dinner agenda I got nothing back. Ugh. The text showed how much thought was put into it. That’s just her though, same reason why I can drink n/a wine and she won’t even notice!

      • Dwight Hyde says:

        As simple as this sounds keep it in mind ..It is what it is AND it is what it isn’t. After Saturday night you always have the choice to decide where that relationship will be placed in your NEW out of the fog life. 🤗

      • Exactly and perfectly said! 😊 I had a good time and loved all the energy I had when they left! If I had drank I would have been lazy and exhausted.

  3. msnewleaf says:

    I like the AF wine plan, too. Do what works! And I hope you have a great dinner! 😊

  4. clairei47 says:

    I always have the AF wine on the go … it helps me get through tough occasions and when I am triggered to have a glass of wine by certain situations I reach for AF wine and it actually takes the edge of the moment. I have found some nice ones too. Good luck, enjoy the cooking and the experience without the alcohol, then wake up the next day feeling energised and happy. 🤗💕❤️

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