Back to the daily grind.

Good morning! I wanted to update that my daughter is doing well after her surgery. Every day she continues to get a little bit better. She can sit up to eat meals and can slowly walk around. Trying to slowly increase those times is her current therapy requirement.

I had the whole week off in the hospital with her and then the following week I went back very part time. I am now back full time working. My workload just increased as I took on another client but we need the money. I really loathe working so much, really gets me down. I’m a girl that would be happy just staying home.

This week I have an 11hr shift Wednesday. I come home about 7pm and will bring a pizza home. Then I work Thursday morning but not in the afternoon. My hubby and I are heading out to my oldest’s college to get her and being her back for an orthodontist appointment. That’s 5 hours one way. Hubby usually drives there and me back. Then Friday I’m up and working by 8am. Sunday we take by daughter back to college. It’s her 18th birthday weekend! She and her sister want to go to a drive through movie Sat night. ( Neither girl has a license yet so that requires hubby and I for transportation) I want to make her a fancy cake and such. Time is very limited that particular weekend. It’s exhausting me terribly to even think about all the goings on this week and through the weekend. I am going to really try to know and be happy that I do get to see my daughter in her birthday and can make her a cake! I will appreciate My time with my girls, no matter how exhausted I am. Hubby will be equally exhausted however he handles things with a “ go with the flow” attitude. I look at the big pictures and get overwhelmed. Day by day is the way to go. Most times I get overwhelmed but then when I actually am doing all the things I’m stressing beforehand about, I’m just fine.

Well gots to go feed our horse before work. And one last thing, at least now I won’t be rolling into the weekend on low steam from alcohol and surrounded by a fog. That’s a good feeling in itself I need to remember! 😁

Thanks for reading what seems to be a book! 📖

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12 Responses to Back to the daily grind.

  1. clairei47 says:

    Hey lovely. I totally connect with that feeling of overwhelm. I did the same this weekend and it’s not a good thing. I look back and feel like I took the shine of stuff because I was worrying so much about getting it all done and it being ‘right’. Sounds like you have so much work .. that’s a lot of hrs. Make sure you take 5 mins here and there for you xxx❤️💕

    • Yes, exactly with you feeling like you took the shine out of stuff with over worrying! That’s exactly how I feel and was this weekend also. Didn’t get all done I had hoped to and was frustrated. Had to remind myself of what I did get done, not didn’t! Thank you so much for your comment, you always know just what to say! 😍❤️

      • clairei47 says:

        We put so much pressure on ourselves and then buckle under the weight of all that expectation. Will we never learn? 🤗❤️💕

      • clairei47 says:

        Btw, so glad to hear your daughter is on the mend. That is really lovely news. Xxx

      • Thank you Claire! She is doing good! Yesterday she was hurting more than the last few days. Her shoulder hurt her awful which was weird. Hoping that it subsides for her. ❤️

      • You are so correct! My youngest s that just has surgery can’t ride that long in a car so my mother in law is coming over to play scrabble and such with her. Now I’m thinking I had better clean the house up some or she will think she has to help me and do it. I like the thought, but I don’t want her feeling any obligation to clean here. Oh and my daughter in college asked if I can color her hair purple and teal. Good god that requires bleaching too. I don’t currently work as a hairdresser but I have my license. Of course I said yes.
        Nope, don’t think I will learn. 😂 Hopefully it will all go smoothly! 👍🏻

  2. So pleased to hear your daughters doing well, I wondered how she was getting on. I’m the same, my brain starts whizzing with everything that needs to happen and it’s so overwhelming. Sounds like you’ve got it all well under control. Xx

    • Been a tough road, especially the first week home but she’s been home now 2 weeks and the pain is manageable and she’s making small strides daily! I think writing it out really helped me put things into prospective this morning! When you said your brain starts whizzing…..that’s spot on! Made me smile!

  3. I am so glad to hear your daughter is slowly improving! I know it takes more time to heal than we would like!
    Enjoy your precious time with your daughter!
    PS – Mr. UT never lets me drive! LOL

  4. msnewleaf says:

    I’m glad your daughter is healing well. I hope you can get some rest, and then just put one foot after the other this weekend! It sounds like a lot, but I bet it will also be nice time with your girls. Xo

    • Thank you! 😊 Exactly! I really feel it will be tiring, but great to see them together again! Plus I know I can do that successfully without alcohol. 💪🏻
      The rest part is not cooperating. Can’t seem to sleep well at night the last week, waking up many times a night. Tonight I plan on a strict wind down routine as tomorrow is my longer work day than normal. It’s 6am here and I’m already planning my nighttime wind down routine. 😂

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