Morning coffee, no work today.

I tried super hard to make a cute heart with chocolate syrup in my morning cappuccino. All the syrup did was sink and my heart shape shows I should have had my glasses on. 😂

I took today off to get all organized for my 16yr olds 8 hr spinal surgery tomorrow. I’ll be with her in the hospital the rest of the week. Starting to get nervous! With the COVID I can wait the 8 hrs on the operation floor, my husband has to wait 4 floors down. I completely understand for everyone’s safety but what a bummer I can’t wait with my husband. We hope she can come home Friday. Should be a go as long as she’s off strong pain meds and can walk.

I started packing a bag last night for me. I found myself funny as my first thing I packed is snacks to eat. 😂😋🍪

Anyway, quirky update! Have a great day everyone! 😁

PS- what is Gods green earth are those three black oval things in the middle of my blog? 🤣

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  1. clairei47 says:

    Wishing your daughter and you all the luck and speedy recovery for tomorrow. Oh you and your blog antics … it makes me laugh. I do love you 😍 keep them coming xxx

  2. Good luck to your daughter. Must be so nerve wracking waiting for her, especially alone. I would’ve packed snacks first too 😂

  3. Big hugs to your daughter and family. Operations are so nerve racking. I sure hope this one helps your daughter!

  4. Dwight Hyde says:

    Sending your daughter and all of you big loving healing vibes❤️.

    • Thanks so much, Dwight! I really appreciate it! I’m becoming a nervous Nellie about now! 6:15 am arrival tomorrow and that means a 3am awake time. Hey—-al least I’m not battling the beast!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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