New beginnings

Well my oldest daughter ( 17 ) is off to college. I really hope they can keep Covid at bay there as she’s very excited to be on her own and start a new chapter in her life. She has a lot of anxiety in life and simple things like ordering at Subway make her anxiety soar. Today she went to a local CVS and got registered in their system for her prescriptions. She also used a debit card. A nice lady helped her with the steps of using her debit card. She has her own PayPal and her own online store where she thrifts vintage clothing and resells them. She has paid for 80% of her college needs doing this, including her computer! She has extra to buy some clothing and fun stuff for herself too. She’s a smart one, no wonder she was Valedictorian of her class. Anyway, so proud of her and I hope Covid doesn’t crush her college dreams. ( Her high school years were full of self doubt due to not so nice girls in her grade. )

Next is my junior who is 16. ( my girls are 18months apart ) She is having spinal surgery for her severe scoliosis in mid September. I’m very nervous as this is major surgery and it’s a week in the hospital alone and 6 weeks before she can possibly enter school.  They are basically putting a rod up the entire spine of her back. She will have to “learn to walk again.” Her back has such a curve that her shoulders are completely out of alignment. Before Covid the last x-ray showed it at a 64% curve. When the curve gets to about 80% it can crush organs so the surgery is unavoidable.  Soon at her pre-op we will know the current curvature as she hasn’t been seen since Covid started. It only gets worse though.

So new beginnings and I hope my oldest continue forward and she’s happy and my youngest has no complications during surgery and a recovery that’s not too painful.

Thank you all for reading!

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10 Responses to New beginnings

  1. Oh honey! First of all your oldest girl is very smart, to set up her own business this young!
    For your younger one, I will hope and pray all will go well for her surgery!
    Lots of changes happening for you and your family!

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    Jackie – I so wish I could step through this white screen and just hold your hand tight. No words would need to be said. You’d just feel the love I’m sending you all.

  3. msnewleaf says:

    Wow-so many important things happening for you right now. I hope your daughter loves college! And I am really feeling for you and your younger daughter right now. It sounds like it will be a long haul after the surgery, but it will ultimately improve her life so much! I have scoliosis, too, but too “mild” to correct. Even so, I have a lot of pain now because of it. I’m so glad there is a surgery that can help your daughter. I’m sure it is scary, though! Thinking of you both! Sending hugs and love!

    • Thanks so much! I am reading that even with surgery people are saying as we get older there’s new pains that come with having a rod in your back and they say there’s still daily pain. Ugh. But it’s our best option right now with such a drastic curve. She’s a strong one and is ready to have the surgery she said as she’s sick of the daily pain she’s in right now. Hopefully this surgery will lessen that up for her for now! ❤️

  4. clairei47 says:

    Loads of stuff going on for you Jackie and I am sending love and prayers. The surgery sounds really tough. Thinking of you and both your daughters right now xx

  5. sobrietytree says:

    Wow Jackie, you such a wonderful mom…. I admire it so much. There is always a lot going on in your life, and your girls handle things so beautifully. Sending much much love. 🌻❤️🙏

    • Love you, always! There is so much going on and it does get a bit exhausting! Seems to always work out. I always love seeing your comments and just genuinely appreciate you! You will always be the staple in my sobriety!! Hope you are doing okay! Love you!! ❤️

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