Missing my doggie and friends

Well I have really come to realize who really cares. I miss my doggie SO MUCH and text my one friend yesterday, with no response. I’m so sad. How hard is it to respond? If I text a glass of wine I bet she would. I do have my husband and kids to lean on, but sometimes an outside source is nice. I honestly feel a huge piece of my heart is broken.
Anyway, enough of my rant.

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7 Responses to Missing my doggie and friends

  1. Sorry you’re feeling down 😢 give yourself a treat if you can and stay strong xx

  2. I sure will! Thank you! It is hard but going to chill tonight with some tea. I love comments from you!

  3. Hugs! Yes, take good care of yourself…treat yourself very kindly! And know you are loved.

  4. msnewleaf says:

    I’m so sorry! Big hugs!

  5. clairei47 says:

    Oh Jackie. Sorry to hear you are feeling blue and missing your dog. Pets are such a huge part of our family, particularly dogs. Do something really nice for yourself. Maybe your friend has a valid reason for not replying? Or maybe she’s being ignorant. Don’t let that get you down though. Sending hugs 🤗 xx

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